Monday 5 June 2017

Getting Those Ends To Meet

Sometimes even if you are pretty good with your money, lots of things come along at once, and it can leave you a little short. The kids birthdays, as well as big events like weddings or holidays, can all add up. Making it tough to find the funds to do everything that you want to. However, there are some easy ways of looking after your finances and making ends meet that you can try out to help. Just read on for some more information.
Buy Pre-loved


One of the best ways of making ends meet and being sensible with your money is buying the things that are pre-loved. You really would be amazed at what some folks choose to give away or sell too. Like items in mint condition with the tags still on.
You can choose to tour your local charity shops for a bargain. Or get yourself on eBay where you can find brand new items at a vastly reduced cost.

By shopping in this way, you can get some great deals on items that would have been out for your price range usually. As well as still having enough money left over to add to your savings, or pay for another cost that has cropped up.
Invest in your future
Another way to ensure that you make ends meet is to consult with a financial advisor. This is a more long-term solution than many of the others. As it allows you to put a plan in place of how you will budget, save, and invest money over your lifetime.


Getting advice on your finances can seem a little scary at first, but it's actually well worth doing. You won't be judged on what you are spending now either. But will be provided with advice to save for specific events like a wedding or sending the kids to college.
Hold off until the last minute
You can also save a packet and help make ends meet by holding off on certain things until the last minute. This usually works best with entertainments like holidays, breaks away, or even show and park tickets.


They are usually cheaper the closer you get to the date because the organisers are already running the event, and so want to make as much money back as possible on it.

However, do beware because if it's something that is really popular, like a West End show that is constantly selling out, then you may not be able to get tickets at all. Or they will be ones that are being resold and so will only be available at a vastly inflated price.
Try a saving challenge
Lastly, to help you be a bit more mindful of what you are spending you can give the popular saving or spending challenges a go.
The spending challenge is when you set yourself a limit for the day, perhaps even £0 and try to not go over that.


The saving challenge is where you save a small amount daily, that increases and ends up as a reasonable purse of money as the challenge ends. You can get some more detail about how to do this here.

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