Saturday 27 February 2016

Michael, your Isabelle update #1

Dear Michael,
I've decided to start a weekly post so you can see what your little girl has been up to whilst you've been off working really hard to support your family 6 days a week which means you get one day with the children. I know you're missing all the little things that sometimes I take for granted while you're making it possible for me to be a stay at home mum to them both, Oliver's at school obviously and he's 6 so you're not really missing much there to be honest but with Isabelle I hate the idea that you are, so I wanted to make sure you felt even more included in our little toddlers life. I'm not going to tell you every single thing because you'll be bored if you read "I had a cup of tea... she then needed her nappy changing" - doesn't make for interesting reading does it really?

As you know on Monday she goes to Ballet which she loves, this week she was obviously a little bit of a rebel and run away on several occasions like she does but she did really enjoy it and joined in quite a few activities throughout the class. Anna has got some new wands and teddy bears which Isabelle wasn't too sure if she liked actually but there's now new stickers which are bigger and she appeared to be very pleased with that decision.

She really enjoyed baking for the very first time with Oliver - you can read more about that HERE. And now she moves her chair over to her play kitchen to pretend to be baking - it's ever so cute. We got her a brand new apron to wear, which you've seen but did I tell you it was only £4.99 and she's ever so pleased with it. This is her first time licking the mixing spoon.

She helped Oliver to write uncle Alan's birthday card. She loves to do swirly swirly's!
We watch probably more peppa pig than you'd like actually. Sorry. [not sorry]

She helped me with cleaning the windows - I'm not sure you've had a chance to actually notice yet but THEY'RE CLEAN inside and out!

Her finger puppet arrived from 'Hey Baby' along with her very popular pear night light which you know all about.

I realised that her hair is getting really long! I'm always moving her fringe out of her eyes at the moment.

She was ever so excited to go for a little walk around with Grandma!

There's been new words this week hasn't there? I'm no longer worried about her speech and I hope you're not either. I love her " I do " and her " door ". So cute.

She got a brand new umbrella in the charity shop for £1.50 you can read about that here if you would like to know what I've been buying - probably don't check that too often though huh?

She loved making you a pretty picture using her pens, stamp pens and her bestest stickers.

Play doh! I cleaned that up well didn't I!
She has done lots of playing with Oliver, including before bed time pretending to be asleep on the sofa and she really did go along with it for much longer than I thought she would be able to! So so so cute.
She had 3 outfits yesterday... one got a drink all over it... one got tomato soup all over it and then the third survived until bedtime!

This photo is one I asked her to smile for daddy... what a daddy's girl. You wouldn't believe she was in a grump just moments earlier would you? Honestly, she was!!!! Believe me.

As yesterday Oliver finished school at 4:20pm I had lots of time to walk up there with Isabelle so I decided to let her actually walk the whole way there & back for the first time. I thought she was moan to be carried but not once, infact she moaned when I carried her across the road. It took 40 minutes to get to the school and I thought we would never get home if I'm honest with you.

We haven't had a massively exciting week really, there's been lots of giggles and cuddles tho.

Until your next update,

Mary-Kate x

[by the way, you're an amazing daddy and I hate that you're so tired at the moment!]


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