Thursday 25 February 2016

Charity Shop Bargains #1

We live in a lovely village which has a very nice selection of shops, one of my favourites has to be the local charity shop. They always have an amazing display in the window which the children love to look at, at Christmas they had an igloo and penguins which was lovely!

I started to pop in there looking for phonics books for Oliver because I wanted a big collection to help him to learn to read but they were proving on the expensive side new, luckily I got a great selection in there for 50p each which I thought was fantastic! We are a young family and 'spare' money isn't a thing we have at the moment so wherever we can save a few pennies or pounds is a very good idea.

Then I noticed that often they had brand new toys in there that the children would love which amazed me and they were such bargains too. Then I noticed they were selling Christmas cards - so that's now where I will get those. Then I noticed that they sell new rolls of wrapping paper, paper for girls gifts, for boys for new baby - you name it, they had it so that's where I'll buy my wrapping paper! And if it's someone's birthday they've an amazing selection of birthday cards too, thank you cards, sympathy, just to say... you get the point! I even got Michael a valentines day card in there - the cards aren't any cheaper than elsewhere but you're supporting a really good cause which I think is a great idea. If you're spending that money anyway - why not spend it somewhere that will go to supporting a charity such as our local one which is for a hospice?

I thought I'd start a monthly post showing you what bargains I've found in the charity shop to hopefully inspire other people to go into there's and support them too.
Firstly I absolutely adore Jelly Cat and have no idea why someone didn't want this little penguin! I do... I love penguins and snapped him up straight away. He cost me £1 and he's literally pristine condition with tags on him still.
Oliver loves books and loves deadly 60. These cost me just £1 each and he's absolutely delighted with them! If I went to a book store I couldn't of just bought him both 'just because' could I? So this, to me makes perfect sense. Then when he's finished with them, we'll donate them back to the shop and they can find a new home!
Just this morning I was saying to Michael's mum that little miss Isabelle didn't own an umbrella yet, to which she replied "I'll have to look for one"... well I beat her to it because this afternoon I found one in the charity shop for just £1.50! It is brand new with tags and it's a frozen one - perfect because Grandma got Isabelle the frozen coat for next year from the M&S sale! This will match just perfectly.
I had never owned a biscuit jar, I guess I found it a little silly to pay money for something to store biscuits in when I had lock and locks in the cupboard... but now I have a cute biscuit jar that's a fairly reasonable size and it cost me just £2.
We're getting married next year, March 2017 and wedding bits and bobs are expensive as we all know. So if I see anything cute that I think will match our theme I'm going to start buying them. I found this really cute candle holder which will match our table centres perfectly - Not sure where it'll go actually but it'll go somewhere because it was a bargain at £2.
We love sticker and activity books so we loved getting this one for Isabelle costing just 50p.
Have you had any bargains recently in charity shops? I'd love to know.

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  1. I get the most amazing bargains from my local charity shop and others around the area. My recent best find was a NEXT In the Night Garden Dress. 99pence ! It's lovely. It will be popped in a drawer ready for when my twin grand-daughter fits in it. Designer salad servers brand new from M&S. Estee Lauder Beautiful Soap sealed in a box. Toys for my grandchildren. Tops, Dresses, makeup, handcream, body lotion, sun cream. In fact, one of my friends 'wot lunches' our regular jaunt is round the charity shops and then off to lunch somewhere. But also ladies (and men) don't forget the charity ebay sites. This was where I picked up the Pandora bracelet and just bought a lovely watch for £3.20. They will often let you pick up at your nearest charity shop and you save on the postage which will often make it worthwhile you paying a little more for the item. Ebay doesn't charge charities for selling either so everyone wins. Love charity shops and don't know why some people turn their nose up at them. I have a friend who cruises but buys all her dresses from the charity shop. Don't forget - somebody's junk is your treasure and vice versa.

  2. Sadly, all our charity shops are rather pricey so you don't get many bargains. Good haul!

  3. Looks like you got some fab bargains. I bought a dress for one of my girls when they were younger from a charity shop. Cost me £1.99. It was like new and would have cost a lot more from a 'proper' shop. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  4. Great bargains there it's amazing what you can get in charity shops thanks for linking to the Binkylinky


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