Thursday 25 February 2016

Having a baby while still living at home

Something that's never been mentioned on my blog before is that when I had Oliver I still lived at home with my mum, that means I know exactly what it's like to live with your parent and be a parent yourself! I'll be forever thankful to my mum for allowing me to stay living with her because at the time that's exactly what I needed. I was 20 years old when I had Oliver and I'll be honest with you - I was out of my depth at first and without my mum guiding me I think there would of been more tears than there were.

It was difficult to live with my parent and my child at the same time, sometimes I felt as if she wanted to be in control of my child and that made me really cross. At the time I genuinely believed she wanted to act like the parent and be treated like so in return. Not all the time though, obviously and looking back I can just understand now that I was wrong. so wrong. She was just being his grandmother.

We both had such a different opinions on how Oliver should be brought up and although I am his mother, my mum is his grandma and also wants the best for him. It's difficult to see that when you're there in the moment hence why it all works out so hard.

It must have been difficult to all of a sudden have a crying baby throughout the night, although it wasn't her that needed to wake up with him - she would of still been woken up by him and she never mentioned it! Something again, I didn't notice at the time.

Her house was filled with toys, something that she, to this day has been unable to completely get rid of... sorry about that but they are good for the grandchildren when they come to visit aren't they?

Her chairs got ruined with mucky hand prints everywhere. The potty training meant she got wees on her carpets! Sorry.

She got lovely pen drawings over a wall. OOPS. It wasn't washable either.

If you're a parent living with your parents then you'll understand what I mean by this post but trust me, when you've moved out you'll see that actually they just wanted to help you, support you and they've been there and done this whole parenting thing before - with you! They don't intend to upset, to take over - I genuinely believe they just cannot help themselves.

I miss sitting on my mums bed, chatting about random things.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and realise things aren't that bad actually.


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