Wednesday 24 February 2016

Baking with children including an allergy child

At parents evening you get a chance to look through your child's work so far in the year, last year Oliver's workbook had something that really caught my eye - it was actually from the previous year but I guess I was rather tired that year and didn't think as much into it as this time around. Ha.
Oliver said his special place is his nanny's house. He makes it clear one of his favourite things to do was bake a cake with nanny - how cute! I guess I took baking with Oliver for granted when he was little and along came Isabelle, allergic to lots of things and baking would be no more in this house partly because we were so tired but also because I didn't want her to miss out. I think it's Oliver's school work that made me stop and think that I needed to find a way around this, be able to bake again with both of them so that Oliver doesn't miss out on something he loves and so that Isabelle gets a chance to do some baking too so she doesn't miss out.
Baking with children is actually really fun as well as educational at the same time, giving them a chance to measure ingredients and mix it all together is letting them develop in a brilliant way, it teaches them to have patience whilst the cakes are in the oven too well... kinda if you consider asking every 2 minutes "is it ready yet?" or "it must be done by now its been for ages" being patient?
So then when I stumbled upon a recipe on one of my favourite blogs that was actually dairy, wheat, soya, nut and egg free I was really excited... It was from "living with cows milk protein allergy" which is a fantastic blog if you're an allergy mum/dad/relative. The jammy dodgers went down very well with both Oliver and Isabelle, so now I've got my baking head on once more! Which means there will be lots of baking photos added here and on Instagram in the near future.

I even picked up the cutest apron from Dunelm and it was a bargain at £4.99 considering it's dear zoo!

I only got Isabelle one as Oliver has his very cool 'don't mess with the chef' one already.
Do you bake with your children?


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