Monday 18 September 2017

The Wedding Days Q&A #3

Welcome to my blog series 'The Wedding Days' where other couples (some bloggers, some non bloggers) share details about their big day by answering some questions. I LOVE weddings and seeing a few photos too! I'm really missing the planning of our big day which you can read about here where I've answered these questions about our own wedding *here*. So if you're anything like me, you're going to love this series too. If you want to get involved and share your wedding day with us too then email me on and I'll keep this going for as long as I've got posts to publish. Hopefully a new post every Monday :)

Today we have Sarah who blogs at Casual Gamer Mum and you can find her on twitter too at @causalgamermum 
Tell us a little bit about you and where you met your husband/wife? (include the proposal story if you want to)I'm Sarah, a Danish language student and parent. I live in Denmark but I'm originally from the UK. I met my Danish husband on a computer game called World of Warcraft. We first made contact on a forum then played the game together. After visiting one another, I moved to Denmark to live with him.
There wasn't a proposal as such. We weren't planning to marry so soon, but with dreaded Brexit looming, we decided to simply go and get it done in order for our family to have a little more security. I know it doesn't sound romantic, but we still had a wonderful wedding day and we love each other immensely.
Where was the big day and when was it?
We married on September 30th, 2016. We chose to marry in Ribe, Denmark's oldest Viking town. It's a charming place with plenty of history. Since my husband and I have a keen interest in history, it was an ideal location for us. We married in Det Gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall), a gorgeous old building.

What did the Bride wear (where did you get your dress, what were your accessories, colour theme, flowers, shoes?)
Budget was an important factor in our wedding day. We didn't have much money to spend. I wanted an outfit that I could easily wear again. I bought the whole outfit from ASOS for a steal at £50!
I wore a short chiffon dress in ivory, some nude tights and peach suede flat shoes for comfort, as we'd be wandering around the town after the ceremony. Accessories included a glittery headband and a hot pink clutch bag. I chose not to hold a bouquet due to practical reasons. I had a colour theme in mind for myself. I was inspired by peach and pink.

What did the Groom wear?
Comfort was key. My husband purchased his outfit online. He wore a light blue long-sleeved shirt, beige chinos and black leather shoes. Simple, but smart too.

The wedding party?
Nobody was invited to our wedding so we didn't have a wedding party. If I did have a wedding party, I'd want them to wear what they wanted, but fitting into the chosen colour scheme.

Did you have evening entertainment?
We went to a grill restaurant in Esbjerg. We treated ourselves to the 'all inclusive' deal which meant we could have unlimited drinks, even including champagne!

What’s the best bit of advice you could offer a future bride?
I know this is said a lot by people, but make sure your wedding is what you and your partner want. Don't give into pressure. You may only get one shot at it, so do it your way.
I'm actually on my second marriage. My wedding to my first husband wasn't what I actually wanted after all. It was too fancy and mainly for the guests' benefit. My second wedding was much more my 'thing'.

Now the wedding day is over, is there anything that you regret spending money on?
Not much money was spent, so I have no regrets.

Did you stick to your budget? Finally, other than marrying the person you love - what was your favourite thing about your wedding day?
We stuck to a small, decent budget. The budget was a bit lower because I didn't have a bouquet.
My favourite thing about my wedding day was being able to relax and not stress out. We didn't have a set plan after the ceremony and brunch. It was nice to simply wander around, visit the local Viking museum, then eat ice cream and Belgian waffles at the ice cream parlour. Total bliss!

Thank you Sarah, it was lovely reading about your wedding day! It's lovely to see how everyone's wedding days are so different. I completely agree with you, it's important to make sure your wedding day is what you want and it sounds like you made your day just what you wanted it to be. I love that you can wear your wedding outfits again too - I think I'd get weird looks if I was seen out in mine :( I love wearing my wedding shoes out though :) @causalgamermum

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