Monday 11 September 2017

Chocolate Sprinkle Stix by John Adams - review

Today we got an exciting delivery from John Adams - one of our favourite toy brands, it's a brand new food craft product called Chocolate Sprinkle Stix. It's designed to let kids aged 6+ to create their own chocolate sprinkle stix treats! In the box was also some chocolate for melting, sprinkles and breadsticks. I also had some free from chocolate buttons too so Isabelle could get involved as well (she's got cows milk protein allergy but that doesn't stop her having a chocolate treat with this cool toy!). A cool new allergy friendly treat idea if you adapt it a little - for gluten free, you can get free from bread sticks too and suitable sprinkles. These have wheat in but Isabelle can tolerate wheat now.

I didn't tell Oliver that we were getting this and as soon as he saw it he said he has seen it before and wanted it. quoting "sprinkle stix's, sprinkle stix's, melt the chocolate and dip!" - he must have seen it on tv?! Anyway - Why wouldn't he want it? Kids love cool things like this and treats too. It's kept them quite for ages this afternoon, ok they may not eat all their dinner today though - oops!

The Chocolate Sprinkle Stix lets you make your own bite sized treats at home, quickly and very straightforward to use. So easy to put together and very simple to follow instructions included. Safely melt your chocolate using hot water from the tap! At first I thought yeah right - how's that going to melt some chocolate? But this clever little toy does just that - safely without boiling water! I did add a little extra warm water from the kettle that had been boiled a while before because we were short on time.
Dip your breadsticks into the melted chocolate so that the sprinkles will stick to it creating your yummy treat.

Finally it's time to pour in your sprinkles for the impressive sprinkle blast!

This toy is so much better than I originally thought it would be! I'm impressed.

The children both loved it and had lots of fun. Oliver is age 8 and Isabelle is 3 - she's used to playing with toys for older children because she's got a big brother and it's impossible to keep her away from his toys. She needed a little bit of help but actually it is so easy to use she was just fine using it too!

Requires 2 x AA batteries for the sprinkle blast to work.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this toy to anyone else, it would be an ideal gift for Christmas too and I'd happily buy it for someone as a present.

Move over cake pop machine that's now redundant in my kitchen because I don't have to go to so much effort now for my children to have a chocolatey sprinkle treat, in fact with this they can even do it themselves - yay!

*Please note that we were sent this item in exchange for our honest thoughts!*


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