Monday 11 September 2017

Plan A Themed Birthday Party That Your Child Will Remember Forever

We all remember our best birthdays. It could have been when you hit double figures for the first time, and you ran downstairs at the crack of dawn to find an exquisitely wrapped Gameboy complete with an official case and Tetris. Nothing has ever come close to that birthday. When you’re a child, your birthday holds more significance, and you place a huge emphasis on the party, the food, and the entertainment. As a parent, you want to provide your child with memorable experiences and what better way to do this than to throw a themed birthday party. Take a look at these celebration ideas to inspire your party planning.


For The Comic Book Fan

Lots of boys and girls like to think of themselves as the next superhero. What with Marvel and DC comics bringing out multiple films every year, popular culture is rife with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. If your child’s reading book of choice at bedtime is a comic, it might pay to plan a superhero themed party. The dress policy could be heroes and villains, the cake could be in the shape of your child’s favourite character, and you could set up a sleepover night complete with an Avengers movie marathon.


For The Mad Scientist

As your little darlings grow up, they become more curious and want to know more about the world around them. Whether their obsession is mini beasts, chemistry experiments or space, you could immerse your child in a scientific theme. Set the playroom up like a science lab, complete with party food that has morphed into science experiments. You could make jelly in brain moulds and place fruit cordial in test tubes. To take the theme even further, purchase one of the many cool science kits available for your little mad scientist’s birthday present. You could opt for a kit that concentrates on plants, the human body or making a live volcano. Give your child a white lab coat and see their face light up as you reveal their party theme.


For The Sports Enthusiast

Whether your child loves athletics, cycling or football, you can create an active birthday party theme for your mini Wayne Rooney or little Laura Trott. This theme lends itself to particularly good weather, so if your child is blessed with being born in the summer months, you can utilise your garden. Set up some races, games and active challenges to add a level of competition to the party. If the weather is not so balmy, think about venturing to a local trampoline park for a bouncy day out or head down to your nearest indoor athletics track for your relays.

We have only touched upon the hundreds of possible themes that you could select for a celebration. A themed birthday party is one of the best ways of ensuring that a birthday lingers in your child’s memory for many years to come. Coupled with a thoughtful gift, a delicious cake and being surrounded by family and friends, your child will feel your unconditional love and appreciate all of your efforts when planning for his or her big day.


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