Wednesday 12 July 2017

Education Quizzes - Home Learning

Children are like sponges, soaking up information all day long. They spend every minute of their life learning and as a parent you're always happy to encourage that because it's wonderful to watch and you get a warm feeling in your tummy when your child comes home from school with a well done sticker or an amazing report... Oliver loves nothing more than showing off how good he is at reading now, having just moved up another level at school. He is still so full of questions just like his little sister is, they both love to learn new things and it’s wonderful to watch. He spends countless hours trying to improve his drawing and practising his times tables. KS2 Maths is a lot harder according to Oliver! And it is one of the subjects he seems to struggle with, as a mum I'm always looking for ways to help him with it - I'm not the best at maths either and I want him to be better than me.

As they get older it does get more difficult to keep them interested in learning and you need to make things a little more fun. I think a big thing about it is that when they don't understand something they turn off from learning, if they struggle they aren't as interested and it can just be a simple thing they need help with but if other children are like my son then they don't often say things that are bothering them straight away. That’s why I love Education Quizzes – it’s a fantastic idea and so helpful to children and parents alike.
As a mum, you're often looking for ways to encourage your child to like doing work, enjoy going to school and to be more confident. I've been having a look at Education Quizzes which is a very good website for children and their confidence in learning. 
Oliver is 7 years old and in year 3 at school, I can’t believe that already he’ll be starting year 4 in September – if you think about it, we’re towards the end of primary school years now! which is a little scary... but he has struggled along the way and I can see areas as a mum that I feel he needs more help with, yes, he's the youngest in his class but I don't think that's what has held him back. 2 years ago, he had grommets fitted and his little world changed, suddenly he could hear properly and then he started learning better, reading better, pronouncing words correctly. Oh the amount of times strangers gave me very very concerned looks over the way that my son had pronounced words that made them sound very bad indeed.

Some people are anti homework but not us, Oliver actually went to homework club at lunchtime at one point because he wanted to get better at doing homework. You don’t get to see your child’s school work unless it’s a parents evening, a school open day or ofcourse at the end of the academic year so it’s really nice to see a bit of what they’re able to do and how they’re coping – that’s another reason that I love Education Quizzes because you can watch and monitor how your child is doing, understanding things and you can help them in areas they are struggling with…. How can you help if you don’t know?

I’m sure that majority of children have subjects at school they could do with extra help with, whilst reviewing an online tool I can tell how useful this would be for so many and it's such a good idea. Education Quizzes website provides your child with loads of different educational quizzes all created by professional teachers so you can rest assured that they are all correct, in a very simple easy to use way with categories ranging from KS1 to GCSE level.

Oliver has been working on the KS2 quizzes on Education Quizzes and he really enjoys them – so much so that my child is actually asking to do work…. Eh?! He loves it when he gets it right and when he doesn’t he feels encouraged to learn more and try again at a later date to see if he’s remembered it.

It's simple to use which means I don't need to be helping him continuously - a big plus if you've got other children who 'need' your attention always at the same time!

Membership costs £9.95 a month and it can be cancelled at any time should you decide it isn’t working for your child. You get access to all the quizzes across the different age groups, so if your child is working at a different level to their age then that’s not a problem or if you’ve got more than one child you have access to what each child needs.

Quizzes for revision is another brilliant idea, as it's a monthly payment you could use it for revision purposes too.

We had a tutor for Oliver – she’s now one of my good friends, she was a really good price but a lot of tutors around here are £30 per hour. We couldn’t afford to spare that per week for a tutor which upset me at first because I know he would benefit from it but £9.95 a month? Amazing value for money, you can use it as much as the child wants to and I can't say anything bad about it at all. I’m so impressed with it I’ve been telling all my friends considering all you get for the price it’s just unbeatable.

Oliver is very into nature, he loves learning about the world around him so the daily blog which is packed full of interesting facts about nature was something he loved and I loved it too because it's a little extra reading for the children.

A big thank you to Education Quizzes for letting us trial the subscription service - it truly is fantastic. Oliver has just had his report for the school year and it's told us that he is below ARE in a few things including Maths! So we’ll sign up over the summer so Oliver can attempt to catch up and be in the 'age related expectations' that are set upon our children. All subjects are covered so it really is a very helpful website.

Education Quizzes is brilliantly priced for individuals already at £9.95 per month but if a school signs up then they can get it for as little as £2 per pupil per year depending on how many there are in the school - I love a bargain!

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