Thursday 6 July 2017

Baby's First Meaningful Birthday Gifts

Congratulations - it's your baby’s first birthday, and we all know how exciting that is for the parents - more so than it is for your child. But what should you get them? You don't want to buy things that don't mean just anything. Having said that, what will your child benefit from at the age of 1 though?
Here are some different ideas.

Push Toy
You can't go wrong with a push toy. Not only will your baby have fun pushing something around with them all day, but if they are in the early stages of walking, this will give them the confidence to practice more, as they can use their toy as support. Most pushers will have something inside too, whether that be space to put other toys inside, or colorful buttons that make noises when touched.

Building blocks have been proven to stimulate a child's minds, as they are having to use a whole variety of different brain cells in order to build something that can stand without falling immediately. They will teach themselves new techniques, and strategies to build higher and higher. It's also showing them that if they're not careful, it will come crashing down, and they will have to start all over again - great for testing their patience.

Balls are a general fun way of interacting with your little one. You can sit opposite one another and roll the ball to each other. Your baby may not be very good at first, but with time and practice, their precision will increase, and you will find them rolling the ball in the right direction. Something made out of sponge is best, so it's soft to touch and very easy to pick up.

Bath Toys
Make bath times fun with some floatable toys that move around your baby. Rubber ducks, believe it or not, are still an incredibly popular toy to buy your kids. Have a look at things that are able to hold water inside too, even just something in the form of a plastic cup. - Your baby will think you're performing a magic trick when they see the water pouring out of nowhere.

We're not talking just any jewelry, but forever jewelry. A stunning piece that's simple and easy to wear so that it doesn't irritate your baby, and symbolizes the important day. Saffron Bells have a bunch of wonderful pieces perfect for all different personalities. They can be brought out on special occasions, and then be locked away safely until you want them again. This is always a lovely gift that your baby can look back on when they're older and see how small they once were.

College Fund
Your baby won't understand what's going on at all, but starting a college fund collection, and adding a little bit more money every year, will mean that you are providing towards a successful future for your child. You can ask other members of the family to chip in to help too. By the time your little one has turned 18, you should have a decent amount of money saved up.



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