Thursday 17 April 2014

Shnuggle - Bath time!

Isabelle is a lucky little lady isn't she? Not only has she been sleeping like a princess in the Shnuggle Basket - you can read my review here, but she's also been having baths in the Shnuggle Cosy Baby Bath which again, like the basket is a very modern take on a baby product and we absolutely love it! 

So we had a normal baby bath and she just screamed her head off, to be honest with you I probably would too if I was sat in it! It was slippery and I personally wouldnt of felt very safe in it either (even though we were obviously holding on to her). 

This cleverly designed baby bath helps to make bath time fun and much safer. It's made from baby safe foam - yes foam! it keeps the water warmer for longer due to its insulating properties and if little one is warm they are going to enjoy bath time much more, no one likes being cold do they? 

It's ideal for babies up to 6 months and comes in 5 colours which you can see here. They retail for £30 which if you compare to other baby baths is a very reasonable price especially considering baby will love bath time with this bath.
One last thing to tell you about the Shnuggle Cosy Baby Bath and I've saved it until last because its my absolute fav feature of it... 'Bum Bump!' the idea is brilliant and it works, Isabelle loves it and she at 1 month old sits in the bath without me holding onto her (don't get me wrong I am very very close by with my hand sometimes holding hers if she wants to), she really loves laying back without being held, pushing her legs out. So the 'bum bump' is designed to allow your baby to be reclined and at the same time supported. It helps stop your little one slipping under the water meaning your hands are free to enjoy bath time, I personally agree that bath time is a bonding experience and something that you should, if you can, make time to do with your little ones - they aren't little forever are they? I also love that due to the design of this bath and feeling safe with Isabelle inside it, I feel more confident letting Oliver help me bath his baby sister. He loves that and it's great to not have to tell him no, so if you've got a little helper of your own then I think you should invest in one of these clever little baby baths. 

You can have a look at the Shnuggle Cosy Baby Bath on YouTube by clicking here.
Isabelle Rose
So why do we prefer the Shnuggle Cosy Baby Bath? 
  • The design is perfect for little people allowing them to sit up and look around while having a little splash in the water, Isabelle loves being sat up looking around (nosey like her mummy?). 
  • The water actually feels as if it stays warmer for longer and thats great because when she looks happy and is quiet in there, I don't want to have to rush her I'd much prefer to let her relax and enjoy the bath time. 
  • It's a pretty colour and I personally think it looks really nice. 
  • It's not slippery unlike other baths. 
  • Easy to carry
  • The design limits water waste.  
  • Allows older sibling(s) to help.
Mary-Kate, x
*Please note that this Shnuggle bath was sent to us for the purpose of this review but all of the opinions are mine.

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