Monday 3 July 2017

Do's And Don'ts For Throwing Your Child A Birthday Party

Throwing your child a birthday party can be a very rewarding experience. There's nothing quite like seeing them happy, surrounded by all their friends, enjoying their special day. But as much as you would relish the chance to be able to sit back and relax throughout the day, it's also no secret that kids birthday parties can be pretty stressful too. You end up putting your heart and soul into what you hope is going to be a memorable day for them, but perhaps an accident happens, or maybe your child becomes overwhelmed and throws a tantrum. Not taking into account all the potential eventualities that could arise means that you may be unprepared when the unexpected happens - leaving your little one's special day in tatters. No one wants this, especially if it is a landmark birthday. So, here are a do's and don'ts so you can ensure that your child's party runs without a hitch.

DON'T invite the entire class

Knowing who to add to your child's guest list can be a challenging one, especially if they are a bubbly kid with lots of friends at school. However, the sad reality is that you will have to be willing to be brutal here. Even with extra adults on hand, 30 kids running amok in your house and back yard can quickly turn manic. Sit down with your child and explain to them that you have a numbers limit, and decide carefully with them who they want to be there. To keep tabs on who is planning to turn up, use a site such as Pure Invitation to create personalized invites to send out to family and friends. Look for a design with a RSVP feature, as collecting these is a lot easier than trawling through texts and emails trying to work out who has said they can come.

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DO teach your child the importance of good manners

Sure, it’s your child’s birthday, and it’s important that they have a great time. But equally, they are also acting as ‘party host,' to some extent, and they should be aware of the behavior they need to adhere to. If you plan to open presents at the party, make sure your child knows how to accept them graciously, and how to thank people properly. You may need to remind them of this throughout the day, but it will reflect well on both your child and your family if they can be polite and considerate to all their guests.

DON’T expect them to entertain themselves  

Children do have wild imaginations, and generally, can be left to their own devices in the right kind of environment. A birthday party, however, is not one of those environments. Without anything to do, children can quickly become bored and frustrated, and that is when many of them start to play up. Line up various activities for them, and make sure you offer something to suit everyone. For example, your child and some of their friends may want to put on a creative show or play a sport together, but there may be other children in attendance who prefer a quieter activity like coloring. By having a plan in place, you can make sure everyone is accounted for, and your child’s party will be one to remember.


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