Saturday 15 April 2017

Photobooth at a wedding

If you're planning your wedding then you probably have seen the trend of photo booths, I remember suggesting one to Michael and him replying with a very quick definite no.  I even ordered a little photo booth accessory pack thinking that we could do our own diy photo booth corner but he didn't really like that idea either. He was anti photobooth's - That was until we were at a wedding fair and we found ourselves sat in one testing it out. We loved it. I didn't want to spend all of that money on it - my first thought was that's money that would have to be cut off my budget for my wedding dress. Michael changed his quick definite no to a lets put a deposit down on this thing today! So we did. I knew the children would love it and I hoped that the adults would get on board with it too - they did.

I loved it and actually don't regret a penny that we spent on it. I wish we had got in there with our own children, I honestly am worried that our professional photos will come back and we wont have many with our children they didn't seem to want to be near us on the wedding day - I should have paid them to have more photos! haha.
If you're planning to have a photo booth at your wedding then do it, it's fun and you'll love it.

Look at this angel looking for the lion on the green screen....

My husband being eaten by a dinosaur whilst I keep smiling... Cramping my style Mr!

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