Friday 14 April 2017

potty training a girl

I've potty trained a boy and a girl - Isabelle, my second child is now completely dry in the day having turned 3 years old last month she is very proud of herself in her big girl pants. Some may say at 3 years old to be just out of knickers she's slow but she isn't slow, every child boy or girl will be potty trained at their own pace. It's not a race.

If like me you've read blog posts about potty training in a week and been confused how they had managed it then I'll tell you the answer - every single child is different and that's something we can't change. Does it matter if it take you longer than a week or longer than two weeks even? No. Every child will one day be potty trained - don't stress. Plus social media parents are so fabulous at painting their lives to be better than they actually are causing us normal parents to feel rubbish or like we are doing something wrong - remember that life isn't always what it seems, you may get told the toddler is dry within a week but did they mention they stayed in ALL week, cleaned up about 100 wees on the floor?? Well, I waited until my child was ready and we have had about 5 accidents if that - not all full wees either, some just in a rush to get to the toilet and a few of them are my fault for not making sure the toilet seat was on because bless the little darling for taking herself off to the toilet without telling me she needed a wee!

Potty training has been so different this time and that's because of several reasons a big one being that she's a girl and they say girls are quicker than boys, another fact is this time I've been more relaxed - I've waited until she is ready, I've listened to the signs and she's done so much better than I had expected. I didn't rush her out of pull ups, I let her feel confident to stop using them. It's lucky that we have potty trained her in time for nursery starting at the end of this month however she may have some accidents there whilst she gets used to it. I invested in a travel potty so she could know she was able to go when she to. She's also got Oliver to copy so when we're getting ready to leave the house they'll both be asked to go for a wee. This is something that he didn't have.

My top tips for potty training would be to not rush into buying knickers straight away, leave these until your toddler is confident and then let them pick which characters they would like on them, this makes them feel really grown up and may actually encourage them to keep the pants dry.

Don't waste money on buying branded pull ups buy Peppa Pig pull ups from Asda - they're just as good if not better than more expensive versions plus toddlers love Peppa! (I prefer Asda nappies over any other brand! and we are currently using the asda pull ups at night for her!) Toddlers love stickers for being good and sweets too. These will encourage them to 'be good'.

Make sure you let your toddler know that it's ok to have accidents and understand that accidents happen to everyone and get a travel potty like the one we have got, 'my carry potty'.

Don't rush them to be dry and don't stress yourself out, potty training isn't fun! Get some Dettol wipes :)

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