Tuesday 25 April 2017

First day at nursery

For months now Isabelle has been asking to go to school, Oliver never asked this and I know it must be because every morning we take Oliver to school and she watches her big brother go off with his friends for what she can only assume in year 3 is actually just playing and drawing pictures of dinosaurs (obviously, who knows what work is when they're only 3 years old themselves?)

She was so excited by the idea of starting her nursery on Monday, we got all of her uniform ready and she as so pleased with the idea of being a big girl. It was really important to me that Isabelle was potty trained by the time she started nursery so I was delighted when she outgrew the pull ups! She's so good having only had a few accidents over the last month.

The nursery has a uniform so she'll be wearing a white polo shirt and a cardigan, with a grey skirt and some tights in the winter. Summer will be school striped summer dress and knowing Isabelle there'll be a matching hair bow then too.
She's got her nursery bag - it was a birthday present from my mum, it's one of the mini backpacks from Cath Kidston - I'm so jealous, I'd totally use it myself.
For her shoes it was a tricky situation - she's going 3 mornings a week to begin with so I didn't want to end up paying £34 on a nice clarks pair... then I found some black plimsolls with a flower on in M&S and she loves them - best thing was they were only £5.

Tights I completely forgot to get grey ones but they didn't mind her wearing her cream ones (which she actually wears for ballet!), her skirt I got from Sainsburys - £6 for a two pack so I was pleased with that.

Monday morning walking to nursery she fell over, cutting her knee. We popped a plaster on it and carried on walking to nursery. She was already sad at this point and changed her mind deciding nursery wasn't for her after all. In the end when we arrived a nursery she remembered their toilets were really noisy and she cried being taken into the nursery.... by the time I picked her up she was fine! (I however spent hours worrying if she liked it or not!) They said they would call me after 30 minutes to let me know she was ok but they had so much to do and as I can fully appreciate they were busy, they called at 11:30am, she got upset a few times but over all I think it was a pretty good first attempt of leaving mummy for 3 hours with strangers.

It makes me kind of sad that my baby is growing up so quickly, she has no idea that the school cycle has started now and she'll be in that until she's 16 years old for sure - maybe longer if she decides she wants to continue with education. It took me a while to decide to send her to nursery before September when she would usually be starting nursery but she is so ready to make friends and learn lots of new things.

Isabelle's nursery seems lovely but it really wouldn't have suited Oliver - every child is so different you need to find what suits them and go with that. Oliver's first day at nursery was dreadful - by day 2 I took him out of the nursery and moved him to another, one which didn't have a very good ofsted report but guess what? it was amazing and worked so well for him. I'm happy Isabelle's first day went well and she will stay there. She seems to like 'the teacher with all the rings' - I'll be looking for rings tomorrow morning now! And praying that she goes into the nursery without screaming for me.  

MK x

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