Saturday 29 October 2016

Win a Sleep Tight All Night bear from Golden Bear Toys #SleepTightAllNight

National Sleep In Day is coming up on 30th October, so to help you make the most of that extra hour in bed, we’ve got 2 Sleep Tight All Night sleep aids to give away!

Sleep Tight All Night is a versatile 4 in 1 product that has been specially designed to help teach children when to sleep and when it's time to get up - aiding the transition from cot to bed. It offers a unique sleep aid system that has been based on scientific studies relating to the colours associated with inhibiting and encouraging sleep. With a range of soothing sounds and a glowing light this soft huggable toy will provide comfort and reassurance to little ones at bedtime with just a squeeze of the tummy.
Research has shown that green light can impede sleep by inhibiting the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, whereas red light has the opposite effect and can aid sleep. The Sleep Tight All Night range taps into these findings by using red and green lights to teach children when to go to sleep and when to get up; all of which goes towards creating an established sleep routine for little ones.


Each product in the range consists of an easy to use Sleep Tight All Night ‘module’ which slots comfortably inside the soft toy. Parents can set the module to sleep mode which helps the child drift off to sleep using soothing sounds and a soft red glowing light, and if the child wakes in the night, a squeeze of the toy’s tummy will make the red light glow and the soothing sounds will play again, comforting the child, helping them get back off to sleep. When reaching the selected time, the module changes to a green glowing light when squeezed by the child; communicating that it’s time to get up and go! Pre-setting the times is easy so both parents and children can enjoy a peaceful night and sleep tight - all night!

The night time sleep aid companion also doubles up as a fun toy for children to play with during the daytime with fun character phrases activated by a simple press of the tummy.
Sleep Tight All Night is available in teddy, puppy and unicorn soft toy versions (RRP £29.99), as well as other licenced characters including In the Night Garden Igglepiggle (RRP £34.99). To celebrate National Sleep In Day, we’re giving away 2 Sleep Tight All Night Bears!

We were also sent one of these to review which you can find here. I genuinely think the #SleepTightAllNight range is one of the best creations because my toddler is staying in her bed!!!! It's really changed bed time in our house. You can also see a little video on there of how to set it up, it's very easy to use and suitable for the most tired of parents!

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  1. routine has worked for us, keeping the same bedtime

  2. Set a good bedroom routine ie, bath, warm drink, story then bed x

  3. we have quite a strict routine which we stict to since they were young, they know what to expect then

  4. Lots of quite time before bedtime - a nice bubble bath and story :)

  5. Routine is important. Bath, story, bedtime x

  6. Our bedtime routine is after bath, chill time and cuddles and story before bedtime

  7. have a go bedtime routine, and stick with it

  8. we have a significant strict routine which we stict to since they were youthful, they comprehend what's in store then.


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