Sunday 30 October 2016

Sooty Mischief and Magic Set

Izzy Wizzy let's get busy!

Sooty is one of my childhood favourites and I love that my children now love Sooty too. Today is MAGIC DAY! So it's a perfect day to share this very cute Sooty Mischief and Magic set. Who doesn't love magic? At my brothers wedding he had a magician to entertain the guests (I would love this at our wedding but we can't afford it) and it was fantastic! Oliver is now very into magic tricks and telling me jokes... A recent one he told me "Knock, knock" I said Who's there to which he replied "Doctor"... "doctor who?" I questioned ... he replied "yeah doctor who". I was actually rather impressed and thought wow - he knows who doctor who is! BUT it didn't last long because he then asked if I wanted to hear anything - oh yes I replied.... So same joke again but instead of Doctor Who it was STINGING NETTLE. and at that moment I realised that actually he had no idea who doctor who was and he was just trying everything to see what got the good reaction! Ah.

So magic day - something I'd never heard of before.

Sooty is something that I should have known would still be popular as for over 60 years Sooty has kept the nation entertained with his mischievous antics and now with help from this iconic character you can have fun creating your very own mischief and magic at home with Golden Bear's Sooty toy range. Sooty is such a simple character yet the children absolutely adore Sooty and sweep too!

Now you can amaze your family and friends with magic tricks and funny jokes that you can learn from the new Mischief and Magic set (rrp £19.99) from Golden Bear Toys which we have been sent to test out. The children love it. Obviously Isabelle is a bit young for it as it's age 3 + but she loves it and with help we learn the tricks together. Sometimes she puts on little magic shows which start with "Welcome to my show" to end it she does a massive bow. It's perfect for budding magicians and practical jokers. This set features a hand puppet of Sooty which is dressed as a magician in a stars/moon printed waistcoat and magicians hat, plus a magic wand which is attached to Sooty's hand. A whoopee cushion and a colour changing hanky. There's also a booklet full of tips for magic tricks!

What do I think? I love it. I think it's really well made, the book is very easy for a child of Oliver's age and younger to understand. It's a great toy to encourage your children to be imaginative and confidence building by asking them to perform magic shows for you. It would make a great Christmas present. I'd suggest it for children age 3 upwards. Oliver is age 7 and he still loves it - don't get me wrong he probably wouldn't want the boys at football club to see it but he would definitely take the tricks that he learnt from it. Plus it's nice to let them be 'kids' for longer isn't it? He loves to watch Sooty on tv so why not play with the toy too. Magic is cool!

What does Oliver think? "Well I like it. It's really good. I want the whoopee cushion to make more of a noise though, really loud! I like the magic trick book and it's fun to play with. My sister really likes it when Sooty tickles her. It's good to learn new things and I would like to be able to learn more magic tricks".

You can find more about Golden Bear Toys Here. 

Have a little look at the video below - be warned though we do get a little distracted!

Mary-Kate x

*please note, we were sent this item for free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own*

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