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Sleep Tight All Night - Unicorn review

Sleep Tight All Night unicorn review from Golden Bear Toys.

In this post I'm going to introduce you to my most favourite 'toys' ever created [I put ' because it's so much more than just a toy] Yes a night light / comforter and toy all rolled into one and you know what it's pure genius! I genuinely think that the Sleep Tight All Night range is one of the best creations because my toddler is staying in her bed!

Oliver was such a fantastic sleeper from very early on in his little life he slept all night. I was not that lucky twice so don't be jealous as Isabelle however decided not to follow in her brothers footsteps and I know part of it was because of her allergies - knowing that doesn't make it any easier to cope with the lack of sleep! To be able to run around after your children and be the mum or dad that you want to be in life not to mention get other things done too - you need sleep!

Having hardly any sleep in my opinion gets even harder as your child gets older. When I stopped breastfeeding Isabelle at 14months I especially noticed a big changed in how much sleep I really needed to survive the day and be a nice person. I am very grumpy when I've not had any sleep and I don't like being grumpy.

We moved house back in May, from a 3 bed house meaning the children had their own bedrooms before but now they have to share a bedroom - I thought it was going to be absolutely awful but actually it's fine - the only problem was that Isabelle began to hate her cot and she wanted to have a big bed just like Oliver. Ok. So one evening when I had just had enough of her continuous screaming that she didn't want to be in her cot I thought enough is enough, there may or may not have been tears, ok there were tears - my tears! there wasn't long left until she ended up falling out because she was going crazy upstairs! So I sat down and ordered a bed and mattress from John Lewis - with next day delivery for an extra £20, anything to make this sweet child of mine go to sleep!

It worked for a while, she was so amazed she had a bed and she took to the change perfectly.... but then rather promptly the getting up and down started... the shouting "I'm not tired" or "it not bed time now" started... the banging on the door started and the wanting me to lay in her bed with her for what felt like all night until she fell asleep. Poor Oliver. (and poor parents too)

I was asked if I would like to review a new Sleep Tight All Night teddy from the new range by Golden Bear Toys which includes a lovable teddy bear, puppy, unicorn and iggle piggle. It arrives just in time to save my evenings - my blog has really benefitted from this product as I suddenly have more time to blog, I have time to spend with Michael in the evenings without hearing a toddler shout for us on repeat. Oliver can also get a better night sleep so this has made a huge difference to all of our lives. Never thought I would say that over what is classed as a toy. Please don't think I'm saying this product is great because I'm reviewing it - I'm saying it's great because it is great.

We were sent a gorgeous unicorn Sleep Tight All Night which is super soft, perfect for bedtime snuggles. It's pale pink and gorgeous. Isabelle was pretty taken with it as soon as it arrived, I had to take a photo really quickly as she wanted it straight out of the box.

The Sleep Tight All Night range has been designed to help children understand when to sleep and when its ok to get up in the morning (meaning I don't need to get up to tell them it's not time to get up!) - it's ideal for children around Isabelle's age although having it from an even younger age would be a great idea too as they would get used to it. We tried the gro clock which is from a company I really love having used and trusted their products for years however the gro clock to me is complicated to set up which is the last thing you want when you've got a toddler watching you and also it didn't seem to appeal to Isabelle as much as it did to Oliver when he was smaller.

Sleep tight all night teddy features a timer that allows the parent to set it to whatever time you want, you can specify how long you want your child to be asleep for, meaning this isn't just perfect for night time its also great for afternoon naps - if your child is having one... lets not rub it in though huh? hehe. You can decide what noise you want it to be, we always set it to 11 hours and heartbeat. You click lock and pop the module back inside the unicorn so the light can be seen shining through it's tummy. I say to both children "red means stay in bed" and "green means you can get up and go". This seems to have worked perfectly and Isabelle has honestly accepted the fact she must stay in bed when it's red. I still cannot believe she actually listened to it! It's just incredible that something like this has had such an amazing affect on our lives. Now I just need a toy that will encourage her to eat all of her food - some days, some of her food... any of her food..please tell me other toddlers are like this too!

By day this unicorn is used as one of Isabelle's toys, she loves that it has fun character phrases for day time play. Retails at £29.99 apart from Iggle Piggle who is £34.99

I can't recommend this product enough, it's really helping us to get our little lady to sleep. It would make a fantastic Christmas present this year or a gift to a new baby.

Have you got any top tips for getting children to stay in there bed all night? I'd love to know.

We have tried a lot of the similar idea products from different brands including ewan dream sheep, gro clock, seahorse that tummy glows and a summer bumble bee as well as various light shows = yes we really have tried lots over the 2 years! None of them worked like this one. This one is the best.

Find out more here -

Keep an eye out for our competition later to win 1 of 2 sleep tight all night teddy bears!

Mary-Kate x

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