Friday 28 October 2016

Boohoo do childrens clothing!

Boohoo is a brand that over the years I have come to love, I often spend ages browsing through their clothes especially dresses - if only I had somewhere to wear them hey? With a honeymoon next year I think I will definitely be doing a spot of shopping at for some gorgeous dresses but until then I am on a clothes (for me) buying ban. I have far too many clothes and I'd like to lose some weight before getting anymore! (who wants to put money on the fact I'm always going to be a size 14? There's determination for you.

So I've only just heard something new and I was delighted to be offered the chance to review the freshly released kids range at boohoo - yes you read that correct, boohoo have now got a children's clothing range! Which is just as stylish as you would expect it to be ofcourse.

Firstly I was so impressed with the service I received from boohoo, I ordered late in the evening and it was here at 9am the following day! I ordered when it said next day delivery for £1.50 = bargain!

The children's range is available in ages 5-12 years, there's a good selection for girls and boys although I would of liked to have seen more trousers/jeans for boys. We decided upon 3 lovely items - yes I let Oliver have a little input too! All the clothes are nice so I knew he would be able to pick something that I also agreed with him wearing - after all, he is 7 years old and it's not like I'll be able to guide him in his fashion for too much longer though I'm sure I'll try my very best.

We decided to get a coat because if you've got a 7 year old active boy, you'll know often these little creatures come home from school with mud covering their coat. So a) do I rush to wash that and possibly not have it dry ready for the morning or b) make them wear it muddy until you've more time? Well there's also a c option - have more than 1 winter coat = why we chose to go for a coat. There is a good range of boys coats available actually, a variety of colours and all for prices that I'm happy to pay for a little persons coat.

This is the coat we decided to get boys padded coat £22

Then I realised Oliver could also do with a hoody, he's not got many long sleeve tops at all at the moment but he has plenty of star wars t'shirts which he loves to wear so now it's getting a little chilly - just add a hoody and it's fine! Right? We both loved the blue colour so that's the one we went for. hoody £10

Then finally we decided to get a stripey polo shirt, we really like poloshirts - they can be casual or they can be smart casual so it's an ideal item to have in a little boys wardrobe. We liked the blue colours again and decided upon - Striped polo shirt £6 (NOW £3)

When the ideas arrived I was really pleasantly surprised. I expected cheap - I shouldn't have as boohoo adults clothing is lovely so why wouldn't childrens be too? The items are really well made, good quality and I think the coat especially is going to last a long time! It's so padded and warm perfect for winter months!

I didn't expect such good ideas for the small price tags. boohoo kids range gets a massive thumbs up from us!

Have you had a look yet?

Mary-Kate, x

*please note that we were gifted store credit to pick some items for ourselves in exchange for an honest review*

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