Thursday 4 August 2016

West Wittering Beach

Randomly we decided to drive 2 hours to West Wittering on Sunday, I really wanted the children to have atleast one day at the beach this year and for Isabelle to have a chance to play with the sand, to put her toys in the sea and just have a little seaside experience. We had a lovely day!

We arrived just after 9am which meant that there were not many other people on the beach! The car park had lots of spaces still so we got literally the best we could of hoped for right next to the beach! It costs £8 to park there for the day which we thought was pretty reasonable considering we were literally next to the beach should we need anything from the car - we did return to the car a lot.

It was so clean, it has really been looked after! It was lovely to see the presence of lots of lifeguards too and it made it extra safe by the fact they have paper wrist bands you can put on your children with your phone number in case you lose them.

The section of the beach we were in didn't allow dogs, which we really liked. There was a section further up that did allow dogs.

We decided to get chips there - they were not great to be honest and at £3.50 I wouldn't buy them again.

Here's some photos from our time at the beach.

We would definitely suggest West Wittering beach if you were looking for a lovely day at a sandy beach without going too far from Hertfordshire/London area!

Mary-Kate, x 

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