Thursday 4 August 2016

Be happy in your skin - have I left it too late?

You know those new years resolutions that each and every year we make, knowing that year after year they don't work? Well. Mine didn't go to plan - again. What a shocker huh?!

My plan was to be healthier, to exercise more, to eat less and in general try to be a healthier/fitter person. I failed. I haven't eaten better, I've not been to the gym in about a month and I am just the same as I was before. This needs to change. Michael had a little chat with me the other day, not in a horrible way [he's lovely]. But what he said really made me think, "if two years after our wedding you've lost weight, will you look back at the photo and regret it?" answer was obviously YES. I would regret not putting more effort in now to get the results that my heart wants. [my head, wants food! I have a fat brain] I really don't have very long to get to a size that I would be happy with on my wedding day. We get married in March and obviously I need to get a dress sorted before then! Eeek. Have I left it too late?

So here we go, I've just booked a session for Inspired personal health and fitness tomorrow, another booked for Saturday morning. I haven't pigged out on a treat this evening and I am determined to try harder, to be happier in my skin because that's something I can't change isn't it.

At the beach on Sunday, West Wittering is lovely by the way, I told Michael that I had never actually worn a bikini (I can't even swim) and it was something that bugged me (the bikini not the swimming - I don't want to learn to swim). I don't want to be the only person ever to not wear a bikini because of how I felt inside. I hope that one day I'll be confident enough to wear a bikini - even if it's go a kaftan over the top of it sat on a chilly beach in the UK or just a tankini that'll do.

I'm going to try to be better by updating here about my weight loss journey, I hope that the way Inspired is going to inspire me that I can inspire others that it's not too late.

It's never too late to change your bad habits.
It's never too late to try to be a healthier you.

Mary-Kate, x

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  1. I had to comment on this, it's SO tough to get started on being healthier but little changes really do make a huge difference! I'm just (re)starting (again) but each time I slip up, I do learn where I need to focus so.. it's all good! Good Luck x


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