Friday 29 July 2016

Bed news!

Well, it seems like five minutes ago we were packing Isabelle's shnuggle basket away and setting up this cot. It felt like she was getting so big. Then suddenly we were moving it down a level so she couldn't fall out... getting so big, and now, it's been taken down because she's move to a big girl bed. oh. my. word. Where is the time going?

So on Friday 22nd July 2016 a delivery arrived and with the help of Grandad her bed was put together. For about a week before, she barely slept! Screaming in her cot that she didn't like it, she wanted bed like lala (Oliver) and that she not sleep. I literally hate leaving her crying but what do you do? Can't stay up there chatting all night and she needed sleep so I cried. Yep.. cried. Then I grabbed the bank card and the laptop and ordered her a big girl bed - even paid for next day delivery!

We decided to get her the same bed as Oliver from John Lewis. Also the same mattress from John Lewis - it's comfy and we've been pleased with it so decided to have them matching, which is a good idea because they share a bedroom so it would probably look weird if it didn't match.

Isabelle was delighted and she's slept perfectly every night since - nap times have even gone really well too!

We decided to go straight to a single bed and miss out the toddler bed stage, she's 28 months now and thought a toddler bed would be a waste of money. We decided upon the Wilton child compliant bed frame in pine colour with the essentials collection response 920 comfort open spring mattress totally together £344. The next day delivery was £19.99.

We decided to also stick with John Lewis for the fitted bed sheet, in a cute pale pink colour. Also the essential mattress protector because well lets face it, we're potty training so it's going to get a few accidents isn't it?! eeek.

Luckily I'd already got a girly duvet cover set which was in the sale in Tesco AGES ago. It is a really cute Disney Cinderella one which was a bargain for £3.50! It's lovely and soft and so far she seems pleased with it.

Her duvet cover was from amazon - I needed it next day! I decided to get a 4.5 tog because she seems so tiny and it's she's got to 28 months with no duvet so I wanted something light. We went with a silent night anti allergy one - it was on offer. & we decided to get silent night pillows too -it was a two pack so Oliver got a new one and Isabelle had one.

We also got a bed guard - thought that was a good idea to stop her falling out. We've kept the mattress from the cot too, put it under the bed to pull out so if she falls, she'll fall onto it.

Bye bye baby days... hello big girl bed!

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