Tuesday 8 March 2016

Michael, your Isabelle update #2

Hello... so, I didn't actually post this update on time! We were busy on Saturday and I didn't get a chance. We have much more exciting things to share with you now though so I'm glad I waited.

Our little girl is growing up so quickly, you've had some really long days at work and we miss you. She's always saying 'I know' at the moment so I'm guessing she's a bit of a know it all haha. Yesterday she decided that nappies were yucky and she didn't want to wear one, she wanted to do wee wee's on the potty and I was so impressed that she had no accidents. Today however she did wee in her nappy, my fault. I couldn't get all the layers off in time when she said she needed a wee wee.
Our beautiful bear arrived from Forever Memory Bears. You know that because you've seen it.. You can read about it - here too.
We painted our easter baskets in a lovely shade of yellow... when they were dry we put some easter stickers all over them. The children loved doing these but now they expect an easter egg hunt - sorry. [ not really sorry - I want an easter egg hunt too ]

Isabelle had a few tantrums - thank goodness I wasn't in John Lewis though huh?!

We played with playdoh and Oliver got it everywhere. On his jeans. On your chair. Urgh.

Isabelle refused most of her milk this week.

Isabelle refused almost all of her vegetables this week 😐 but I did get her to eat grapes!!! She loved them. I cut them up really small so she could nibble on them easily. Also I get really worried with grapes as you know.

She missed baby ballet this week and actually kept asking 'balleyyyyyy?' with a puzzled little face.

Its her birthday soon!  Oh  which probably means I will be late with that post too 😁 sorry.

Mary-Kate, x

P.s. I think she needs new shoes... and Oliver too, do our children's feet not know how expensive correct fitting footwear can be? Could have grown at different rates!


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