Tuesday 8 March 2016

Forever Memory Bear Review - baby clothes bear !

I love mothers day, Oliver always does something cute - last year he woke me up with 20p and told me to 'buy myself something pretty', super cute! This year he actually woke me up a week early with a card he had made, it took me a while to break it to him that actually it was the wrong day... his face. I knew before Mothers day that Oliver had me made a card because I tried to go into his book bag after school on Friday and he shouted at me "No, you can't go in there!" okay.. *backs away from the book bag - whilst pretending I've no idea what's inside of course*. Isabelle will be really cute too - obviously, being the little cutie she is [sometimes], she's currently at that age where she has no idea what's 'actually' happening when it's days like mothers day/fathers day but if you're happy and there's laughter then she's going to laugh too "I don't know what's funny... but it's funny and I like it!".
This year the children got me a beautiful new orchid - I love them, this one is yellow which is lovely as I didn't have a yellow one before. They also got me a lovely card, as well as a drawing by Isabelle and a card Oliver made at school - the one that I knew nothing about of course.
So, Mothers day all we really wanted is something sweet from our children to show that they love us... something we could keep forever would be ideal wouldn't it? Mixing that up with something that's already 'ours' and already special to us = 100% perfect. So as you know if you've seen my previous post about Forever Memory Bears then you'll know I spent lots of time finding the perfect bits to send off to have a bear created with Isabelle's first clothes. You can see the post HERE and you really should because you can get 50% off by using the special code mentioned there. Forever Memory Bears are very special handmade memory bear made from our babies clothes makes the best mothers day present, birthday present, Christmas present or a 'just because' present [even to yourself]. Make sure you read my previous post as it's got lots of info about them there.
The bits we decided on sending were our absolute favourite bits - perfect for having on display all the time, why have them sat in a box? They were the bits I just couldn't get rid of but yet had them stuck in a bag in the cupboard not seeing the light of day.
Luckily just in time for Mother's day, our beautiful bear arrived and we are so happy with her. Isabelle absolutely adores her too and is forever giving her cuddles and kissing her nose.

When you open the box, the bear is wrapped in tissue paper so it really is like opening a present. Before you open the bear, there's a certificate to open.


Whilst ordering you have the option to request any unused fabric to be returned to you, you also have the chance to tell Forever Memory Bears any special requests that you may have. I left the design of the bear to the experts and I'm so happy with it's final result, I had no idea what it would look like, it was a total surprise to see how many different items had been used so nicely together. What I will say is that at first I was a bit taken back by the dark stitching on the front of the bear as the rest of it is fairly pale in colour but it's actually grown on me a lot over the last few days and now I love that it stands out so much, drawing your eyes to one of my favourite items of clothing she's ever owned. We love that print so much it's actually on her lightshade in her bedroom. If there is a colour you really don't want to be used then make sure you add a little note to the creators of Forever Memory Bears, just so they know! 

The ruffles on her arms were from a sleepsuit and the ruffle bottom bit was where we were always patting Isabelle's back when she wouldn't sleep. Hours spent walking around the room so this triggered a memory for us of her being so small. Isabelle on the foot of the bear was from a cute little dress that My 1st Years sent us when she was smaller. So cute to have her name on it and if you don't have an item of clothing with your child's name on it then you can pay a little extra to get it put on the bear.

I love that all the design matches throughout the bear, the ears are so cute and actually they're slightly different which reminds us of Isabelle's 'elf ear' because both of hers are different too. The bear itself is very well made, obviously it's not a toy - it's a keepsake but you can tell that it's not going to fall apart, it's made to last. Each arm and leg is connected with a button which also looks very cute. The buttons are mix-matched which I love, it gives that unique handmade feel to it even more.

As you can see from my photos, the bear is a very good size - actually bigger than I thought it was going to be. You know when you read the measurement but it doesn't really twig. 
I love that this is handmade and unique to our little girl. No one else will have an Isabelle bear like mine!

Don't feel nervous about sending your precious items to Kirsty and Wayne, they're parents themselves and know how special your items are. They'll create a beautiful bear with love. You can read more about why they started creating forever memory bears on my first post - here

The biggest surprise about this bear was that it made even Michael soppy! He started pointing at the clothes and remembering moments she was wearing them.

Thank you so much Forever Memory Bears ! I absolutely adore this beautiful bear and she will be treasured for many years to come.

Remember to enter 'mummymemories' at checkout to receive an amazing discount on your very own bear. And you can find out more info here - How it works!
Also have a look here, for a video of what Isabelle thinks - instagram x

Time to get those baby clothes out of the loft and made into something beautiful, I also feel like I can clear out the other bits now because I've got my something special to keep hold of!

Mary-Kate, x


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