Wednesday 11 November 2015

photo booths - yay or nay ?

We're currently planning our wedding for 2017 so you're going to see a few random wedding posts pop up every now and then.

We went to a wedding fair last month where Michael fell in love with a photobooth!! The one who completely turned his nose up when I suggested one... he loved it, the one we have booked has a green screen and we can't wait to get loads of photos with our guests and also see the ones they get without us afterwards!

The kids are going to absolutely love it too. It wasn't originally in our 'wedding budget' but you only get married once right? And we want to remember it being a really fun evening, not one where people are sat around doing nothing, bored, waiting until it reaches a 'reasonable' time to make your excuses and leave. We want to make sure people have a great time!

Did you have a photobooth at your wedding or have you been to one with a photobooth? What did you think? Worth the money or total waste of time?

Mary-Kate, x

p.s. how good does my future husband look?! He's recently lost 3 stone by cutting out bread, pasta, pizza because he had to go wheat free, hes also cut down on cake and biscuits too as well as all those sweets he used to eat... I just don't understand why I'm not losing weight too *eats chocolate and thinks about the hot chocolate in the cupboard*

p.p.s. look at the photo below, I love Michaels face near the 'wow' photo - he had no idea that was actually going to be near a 'wow', good timing!


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