Tuesday 10 November 2015

19 months already

 Isabelle Rose.

My little lady is 19 months already, how quickly did that go? Aren't toddlers of this age amazing. Their little brains are always on the go, they're like sponges soaking everything up which is incredible to watch. Call me soppy but I absolutely love being this little girls mummy and I feel so so lucky I get to spend every day with her. Don't get me wrong, she's a handful, some nights we don't get much sleep and she has been known to bite Oliver or slap him for no reason (sometimes he does wind her up tho!) Sometimes I think, hmmm shouldn't she be speaking more by now? so she can actually tell me what she needs instead of screaming until she gets it. But then I realise every child is different and she can do things that others can't, like they can do things she cannot. I love watching her try her hardest to jump at baby ballet, it's adorable and she's so proud of herself when she thinks she's done it.
On a Monday she has baby ballet with Anna, who I went to primary school with! Isabelle loves it and has already starting listening to things shes meant to be doing.
Tuesdays are our toddler dance day with Lisa who is always so happy! - can you tell, Isabelle likes dancing?
Wednesday.... nah that's it, we don't have any other groups we go to :) I'm not that organised!!! I've been meaning to get the paint out with her for a few days now but something always gets in the way.

We have just discovered that she can have skips! Having so many allergies including dairy, wheat, soya, egg and potato, food can be erm tricky! Skips were an amazing discovery for us. Her other fav snacks include kiddylicious smoothie melts, like you can see she's very hungry after ballet and needs some. Itsy bitsy bears were another amazing find, free from everything she can't have little cookies. Moo free bars are obviously up there with her favourites too! Coconut collaborative frozen yoghurt is actually really nice, it was great to find an ice cream that she could have. The raspberry flavour is the nicest!

Bread wise she's still got her ener-g white rice bread, which tastes awful - that's if you know what 'bread' tastes like in the first place! but we've recently discovered some amazing free from wraps that are suitable for Isabelle to have and she loves them. They're by Newburn bakehouse, warburtons and cost about £3 for four which is alot but it's free from so much and enables us to make her not only wraps but pizza too! http://www.newburnbakehouse.com/products/supermarkets/4-white-wraps

Milk wise she's no longer breastfed, we stopped that at 14 months... it was just the right time for us both to stop. She's now on neocate lcp and with her breakfast she has koko coconut milk. When she wants to have a milkshake she has straws in banana, strawberry or chocolate which she loves.
She's still having 3 bottles per day of 5oz-7oz each bottle.

She loves getting her shoes on and being outside, when she see's a puddle you can see her little eyes light up wanting to jump right in. She's still parent facing in her pushchair, we just love having a little chat... ok ok, she screams a lot in there when shes grumpy, tired or just doesn't want to be in there so it's a good way to a) distract her by pointing at a tree... or bus?! b) bribe her with tasty treats. oh dear. oh well. She won't be small forever!



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