Monday 9 November 2015

I lost my way a little..

When I started blogging this was somewhere to write my thoughts, memories - hints why I picked the name Mummy memories and at the time there wasn't another mummy memories out there... but it quickly turned into reviewing products which don't get me wrong is amazing! I loved discovering new products and sharing them on here, the problem come when Isabelle wasn't getting much sleep meaning that we weren't getting much sleep and meaning that my fun hobby, my blog, turned into a chore and that's not what I wanted it to be. So I just didn't write on here. I'm back now and although I'll review some bits and bobs that I've brought and also finish off reviewing products that I haven't got around to. This will remain somewhere for my memories and my random rambles, having said that I absolutely love a giveaway so if I ever get offered those I will definitely host them.

So I'm back and I can't believe my little lady is already 19 months old, it's gone so quickly and feels like yesterday I was starting my blog about being pregnant with her. I loved being pregnant with her... even for the 11 days over. She's such a girly girl. She loves her handbags and her shoes. She's already the proud owner of a Radley bag (£3.51 from ebay!) and a cath kidson kids bag (charity shop find for 50p). I love the local charity shop, the amount of kids books we have picked up in there is amazing, we love a good book and wouldn't be able to afford to have as many as we do if it wasn't for the charity shop.

Oliver is now 6 years old! he's loving school which is fantastic and now his ears work after having grommets fitted in June he's catching up with school, reading and writing he is below ARE (age related expectations) but in everything else he is within. They're due to his hearing, he's got a tutor after school once a week and she's really helping him to catch up. The school have got his having speech and language therapy as his S used to be a F... so suck was a cringe-y word for us when we were out with him in a fish shop for example and he saw a 'sucky' fish!!!

Michael has lost 3 stone in weight....... 3 stone! I didn't even notice before that he had 3 stone to lose. I really need to get a move on and lose some weight before we get married in 2017 because I refuse to have to buy a bigger size dress... if you're a 14, some bridal designers you have to get an 18 or even bigger and that made me feel pants...... maybe I'll just cut the size label out! Sew in a new smaller size one hehe.

We went for family photos last week, they were... interesting to say the least. The photographer has got lots of the kids running around, looking forward to see if there is even one that is a nice family photo! Isabelle danced to ed sheeran thinking out loud for some of it with her jellycat lamb, she got sent it before she was born from Babes With Babies and she has it with her every single day, she wont sleep without it. Lamb has had coco pops so she's very 'clean' !!


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