Thursday 12 November 2015

A charmed life - scarborough

I won't have my dad to walk me down the aisle which is horrible. I'm lucky to have one of my brothers, James walking me down on my dad's behalf.

On my flowers I'm going to have this charm which is a photo of my dad and if you look closely too... there's a fish too! which he was really proud of catching on our last holiday together in Ireland 2005. He passed away in 2007, just before I turned 18 so he never met Oliver or Isabelle. I have photos of him around the house and Oliver often comes out with things about granddad Arthur. I know that they would of been really close.

I was looking for something like this on my Dad's birthday in October, when I stumbled upon A charmed life - Scarborough and it was a bargain price of £8 including postage!

*I was not asked to write this little post, I brought this item and I love it! I hope someone else who is looking for something similar to this would love to be able to purchase one too.*

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