Saturday 14 November 2015

Babies first christmas gift guide

I'm going to be doing several Christmas gift guides in the lead up to Christmas! I thought it would be a good idea to start with babies first Christmas gift ideas, I've had two of these little baby creatures now so I should know some good ideas... she says. Ah the days before stepping upon lego - ouch! If you're reading this then chances are you've got a new baby, just you wait until their toys start to hurt you! The lego is a killer. Oliver has a car mat in his room and sometimes its not even like I'm not looking where I'm going, honestly I think he may plan it to just be a meanie!! ....he did leave a toy spider in my bed once or twice! Not scary the second time but the first.... not proud of my scream lets just say that.

Christmas for new babies isn't going to mean much to them but to you it's going to be really special so I'd suggest buying one keepsake, my favourite place to get a keepsake is definitely My 1st Years there items are so gorgeous and really good prices, personalised too! Their gift boxes are great also, a fab idea is to use the box as your 'babies memory box', I've got Isabelle's first bits and bobs inside one to keep them safe. Her hospital name bracelet, first outfit to name a few.

A walker is a brilliant idea for a first Christmas present if your little one isn't walking already, Isabelle loved hers so much as it helped her get from a to b which she was so desperate to do.
Books, always a great present and our favourite ones for babies are "That's not my..." there is about 44 books in the range and we have abour 30. I love them! Oliver loved them when he was small and now Isabelle loves one. I don't often leave the house without one to be honest with you!
Clothes, you really can't go wrong with clothes at this age because mum will love them!! Baby doesn't really notice so it's ok to sneak in a few. Trust me when they're older they will only like certain clothing presents, either character or fancy dress... so again character! Normal clothes is a nono... I guess that's until they're a teenager so do it now!
LAMB! By jellycat... you can buy it from Babes With Babies....... it's so cute and Isabelle won't sleep without her lamb. She loves it! This was a photo before she was born.... Lamb has been with Isabelle for almost 20 months and is a bit tatty to be honest!


 Natures Purest is one of my favourite brands, any of their items would make a fantastic gift. I still want this beautiful ragdoll for Isabelle. I think it would be perfect for a newborn baby girls first Christmas to have with her every day!
Babycademy would make a perfect Christmas present for baby! we all want to get to baby groups but its not always that easy! This pack makes a music class at home possible. It's really good and Isabelle absolutely loved it when she was a baby.
 Some lovely baby toiletries would make a fab present. Treat baby to some pampering by Sophie La giraffe cosmetics! Isabelle has very very sensitive skin but when we had these products they were absolutely perfect for her. (I even used the face cream myself! it was really good)
A little keepsake like this one from next, hanging with the date of birth is a lovely thing to have. Isabelle has this one in her bedroom. I loved this range so much I also brought the light shade to match.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas, I could literally get carried away but it's also really important to remember not to get carried away with Christmas presents for babies - or children in fact. its not about how much you spend or how many presents they have.

Mary-Kate, x

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