Tuesday 2 June 2015

I love my garden... by Oliver.

Oliver is off school today because he was in hospital yesterday having an operation to have grommets fitted in both ears so that he can now hear properly. The difference already is amazing! He's having a lazy day at home today to recover and is writing this post with a little bit of help from mummy because he wants to win a playhouse for him and his little sister to play in.

So this is our entry into Waltons blogger competition to win a wooden playhouse. If you'd like to enter please visit Twin Mummy and Daddy for the details.

I like playing in my garden because I love playing with Isabelle, she is my little sister who is sometimes grumpy but often she laughs and is fun. My most important job in the garden is to water our flowers, when I'm not at school I water them twice a day. Not if it's been raining though as they have already been watered then. Our garden is small not like our grandparents gardens, they are big. Our front garden is bigger although its a weird circle shape with steps which mummy finds difficult with the pushchair, it's got some toys out there and my bird feeder too. Our back garden (mummy says - if you can call it a 'garden' more of a square of space!) hasn't got anything in it and would be an ideal home for a new playhouse like this one from Waltons pictured above.
I like being outside and mummy encourages that. I am a bird watcher and now I've got my own bird feeder in the garden so lots of them come to visit me and I get to feed them. I can see them from my window but what I really like is sitting in the garden and watching birds come to say hello. Robins seem to come to say hello alot. They like my daddy too, he's a landscape gardener so he's always outside - even in the rain! That's a photo of me at 8 months old on my snail rocker in the garden. Isabelle would like that rocker.
 This was my first paddling pool. Every summer I like paddling pools - they've got bigger now!!
 My first ball pit in the garden, I've asked mummy if Isabelle can have one like this too and I can help her to play with it.
 Mummy said that swimming pool was £1 in the pound shop! It was perfect size for just little me.
 Here I am trying to steal some ice cream from my mummy! Isabelle is allergic to ice-cream so now we need to be really careful with ice cream.
 I love watering flowers in the garden and here I am doing it when I was little at nanny's house. Her red tulips were pretty and I even had a red plane rocker there!
 I love to play sports in the garden, I still have this basket ball hoop so Isabelle can play with me too.
 Here I am watering more flowers in grandparents garden.
 I really like the pretty flowers in nanny's garden, here I am having a walk around.
 Mummy said I liked to sit at the door and watch the rain - how silly was I?
 but being in the garden made me  this happy! and it still does...
 This was my police cat Gizmo. He lives with grandad in heaven now but he was a really nice cat. Isabelle has the police car now.
 I had a slide in the garden but my favourite thing to do was the push cars and trucks, diggers down it instead of myself.
 I love having birthday parties in the garden, this was my 3rd birthday party. I had a bouncy castle which was really fun. We kept it all day long until I went to bed.
 I LOVE sand pits in the garden, I enjoy building sand castles and making forts. My mummy had to change to sand alot because I made it messy.
 Here I am being Iggle Piggle. How silly.
 I love to do gardening in the garden with daddy, he shows me what to do.
 This is my fire chief bike I got for my birthday a few years ago. I love being outside.
 Doing some more gardening again!
 This  is the view from my window... I wanted to add it and mummy said ok.
 Daddy had a greenhouse so he spends time growing pretty flowers for the garden.
 This is me with my old garden toy, I've given it to Isabelle now and she loves it. We spend ages in the garden together now.
 This is police officer Isabelle, she hasn't learnt to move along by herself yet so we push her but her legs get caught under the car! silly her.
 We love catching bubbles together!
 Isabelle likes to point at plants in the garden. Isabelle points alot.
 Here I am when I was little with the same play frame - how much have I grown!
 And now here is my little sister Isabelle with the same play frame. Nanny kept it in her garden for years and then she cleaned it and gave it to us for Isabelle to play in.
 Isabelle likes to wear her sun hat, it's her favourite. She always wears it if the suns out and when I take it off her head she screams. She likes to sit on this wall.
 Here we are playing on the playframe. this is really fun. Isabelle likes to push me down the slide, that really makes her giggle. She's trying to walk up the slide but she needs a little bit of help when she gets to the top. This playframe has a wheel so we pretend it's a pirate ship, I am the captain though.

We would LOVE to win the playhouse from Waltons. We would have pretend tea parties and invite all our teddy bears. I would ask daddy to make us a plant pot with some nice flowers in so we can have it next to our front door.

Oliver, x

What mummy says: I think it's really important to have children outside, playing and garden toys really help to encourage them to play not only together but alone too which is good. I let Oliver watch tv or play games on the kindle but I limit these to a certain amount of time because I want him outside playing and the same applies to Isabelle. If I'm hanging the washing out I have her out there playing with me. Oliver's favourite thing to do in the garden is actually dig up some mud with one of my spoons! Which obviously isn't getting back into my cultery drawer now... I'm surprised he didn't mention that or his scooter actually. We have wanted a playhouse for a while now and would love this one from Waltons.  If we won I would get them a little kitchen to put inside it and a few chairs (I'd make sure they were the same so they didn't fuss over who got the 'best one'). I love Oliver's idea of putting flowers outside the door - how sweet!  


  1. My twins love to water the garden too! They love planting seeds and watching their fruit and veg grow. What a lovely garden you and Isabelle have. Thanks for entering the competition and good luck!

  2. Lovely post. Did you win? And hope the grommits op went ok


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