Saturday 25 April 2015

Todays baby changing bag

I absolutely love changing bags and pink lining are up there with my favourite. I have about 8 changing bags that I use.

This blooming gorgeous one is lovely, I really like the print and how spacious it is, you can fit so much inside while. Enough for a day out at the zoo for a family of 4 - it's been put to the test twice this month already! I love that theres two carrying options with this bag and I love (very important to me) that even though it's 'big' it still fits in my pushchairs shopping basket meaning I don't have to have it on the handle bar. The two side pockets are coming in very handy now that Isabelle is having bottles of milk during the day - the breastfeeding needed to come to a slow end at some point didn't it? I'm still doing the morning feed and expressing at night so that shes got some milk for porridge should she want it (currently turns her nose up at the porridge!)

I don't leave the house without the things below... as well as some spare clothes ofcourse!

OK OK once recently I left the house without my keys - oops. I'm still loving aden+anais muslins even though Isabelle is 13 months old, I just think they're so handy to use as a blanket now the weathers a little bit better. Isabelle often likes to snuggle one to get comfy or ofcourse play peek-a-boo! Nappies and wipes are a must, having said this I did run out the other day... I've now stocked up on them. I like to take Isabelle's toy teething keys incase she might like to have them over my actual keys... doesn't always work!

There's not much 'safe' food for Isabelle so on days out we really rely on taking these Ella's kitchen pouches, the two that are safe for her are - Strawberries and apples, Bananas and apples. Now she's older there's no need for a spoon and she just eats it from the pouch.

Finally we love to take out a 'That's not my...' book, Isabelle absolutely loves these and we are trying to get a little collection together. This is a new one she recently got, I think it's newly released too.

What do you never leave the house without?


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