Friday 24 April 2015

Evan Thomas Pheasant 27/10/2014 - 06/02/2015 Little Hearts Matter

I want to tell you all about my friend's little hero called Evan.

My lovely friend Lucy, recieved some devastating news at her routine anomaly scan on 24th June 2014 that her baby boy was suspected to have a congenital heart condition called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS - half a heart) and they were refered to Leeds hospital for a diagnosis, which was fairly quick 2 days later. It was confirmed that baby had HLHS, Lucy and her partner Geoff were given options - terminate the pregnancy or continue and opt for surgery on their baby boy once he was born. They went ahead with their pregnancy (and had the most gorgeous little man I might add).

At the end of August another problem was detected and they were transferred to Birmingham Womens and Birmingham Childrens hospital. On Lucy's birthday 2nd September Birmingham hospital detected another problem - a restrictie Atrial Septum. They were then given their options again, they declined because they had come this far and were determined not to give up on their little boy. At their next appointment 28 days later they had another scan which told them the problems hadn't got worse, baby was growing as he should and other than his heart there were no concerns. Lucy was booked into Birmingham to be induced on 24th October.

Evan Thomas Pheasant was born on 27th October at 9:28pm, he went to the neonatal ward and the next day transferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital where 3 days later, 30th October he had his first surgery and recovery was amazing, resulting in Evan being discharged from hospital on 10th November 2014 at only 2 weeks old - he was just 11 days after having open heart surgery!

Sadly Evan passed away on 6th February 2015 during a routine outpatients appointment, he was just 14 weeks old.

Now his mummy Lucy is keen to raise money for the charity Little Hearts Matter - a charity which supports families of children born with a single ventricle (half a heart) because the support they offered to her and her family including other children was amazing, without them they wouldn't of had as much information as they did.Obviously they are really grateful for them and want to help them... which is why I'm writing this post now.... I'm so proud of her, her first coffee morning raised over £700 which is amazing and she's not stopping there either!

On 24th May 2015, there will be a tea, coffee and cake morning at Dolly's Diner - 63 Storforth Lane Trading Estate, S410QZ Chesterfield which will be at 11am-2pm to raise money for Little Hearts Matter.

If you're local please try to attend.

If you're a brand or PR company and would like to get involved by donating a raffle prize please please get in touch and I will send you Lucy's details for things to be sent straight to her. Anything will be really greatfully recieved to make money for this wonderful charity.

please like Evan's facebook page here -
Mary-Kate, x

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  1. How heartbreaking. As a mother I think she did the very best she could and gave her beautiful boy a chance.


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