Monday 23 February 2015

Oliver & Isabelle's baptism

Sunday 15th February 2015 (also my birthday!) Oliver and Isabelle got baptised together at our local church, which is lovely. Afterwards we hired a local little pub to hold a reception as we obviously wanted to be able to spend some time with family and friends that came along. We arranged a food buffet with unlimited cups of tea and coffee, to keep the family happy! It was a small thing with less than 40 people there, which was nice. We didn't have long to plan it at all but it turned out to be a really lovely day and luckily most people were able to attend at such short notice. Thanks :) We promised them when we get married, there will be much more notice hehe!
The outfits, we'll start with Michael because his is a boring (hehe sorry Michael) plain black suit, waistcoat, tie and white shirt. Oliver's outfit although very similar to Michael's is so much cuter because it's so much smaller hehe. They looked cute all matching. Oliver's face when he saw himself in the mirror... he wanted to also wear the waistcoat the next day and the day after!! I brought it from Next in the sale so it was half price.

My outfit was a stripey dress from Oasis after my panic that I had nothing to wear, I still have baby weight to lose but I don't really care. As long as I am comfortable, I'll get back to my pre-baby size one day until then I'm happy as my body gave me a beautiful baby.

Isabelle's outfit was a gorgeous set from Emile Et Rose, a brand I have loved since Oliver was a baby. I knew I didn't want a 'gown' for Isabelle and she was very kindly sent a beautiful long sleeved dress which is perfect for Baptisms in chilly seasons, the colour ofcourse stayed traditional in ivory. The fit was perfect, being made in stretch jersey it was perfect for a baby to be comfortable in all day, perfect for practising to walk and getting lots of cuddles! The dress has 3 rosettes above a panel of pressed pleats and paired with the ivory tights which feature a little bow on each leg look lovely together. It's simple but gorgeous and perfect for any special occasion. Would look lovely on a winter bridesmaid!
Isabelle was also sent a very pretty, traditional style coat in ivory velour. It's double breasted with two rows of buttons and front pleats making the coat very comfortable to sit down and move around in. Comfort is essential for babies! The coat comes with a matching beret style hat - how cute is that?!
Whats even better? All of the items are machine washable at 40! yay. I'll be reviewing them both properly together very soon.

We had it catered with some buffet style food, I made the cupcakes,some of them had farm animals on, others had stars and some were just icing with glitter but my favourite were the 'rainbow' ones I made using some sweets. Michael helped with the cake pops which were both blue and pink. The main cake, a noahs ark cake from Marks and Spencers was a gift from Michaels parents.
We had some balloons, one normal round helium balloon for each child guest and then two big animal faces for Isabelle and Oliver, one monkey and one giraffe.
The children both got some amazing gifts which they will treasure for years to come. We are in the process of writing thank you notes but Oliver being 5, takes a while with his writing!
Oliver also loves his candle he gets to keep. Isabelle also had her first cupcake, being a dairy, wheat, egg, soya and potato free baby... it was a big deal!

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