Tuesday 27 January 2015

#WeLoveBeebies Brand Ambassador application by Isabelle age 10 months

My mummy told me that Beebies Baby Store are looking for some new 'ambassadors', at only 10 months old I've no idea what this means but I smiled anyway because I'm a happy little lady today. Mummy showed me the website (here) with all the bright colourful toys and I recognise some of the things - my favourites! I pointed and giggled lots so I really want to be a Beebies Baby Store Ambassador... #welovebeebies

I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about ME,  Isabelle...
 I kept everyone waiting a really long time... I was really happy in my mummys tummy. Then when I was born, my mummy was fast asleep so I got taken to my daddy and we had a really big cuddle. I cried until my mummy was in the room with us awake, then I settled straight away. I'm still a mummy's girl.
 I met my big brother, I remembered his voice as he kept talking to mummy's belly when I was living in there. He's very nice and likes to give me lots of cuddles. I brought him some presents when I was born, some sweets and lego. He loves me.
 So that's little young me and I'd really LOVE to be an ambassador for Beebies Baby Store I want to let all the other babies and their parents/grandparents/friends know that Beebies Baby Store is the place to go! In return I promise my mummy will take so many photos of me having fun being a Beebies Baby Store Ambassador and use social media to spread the #WeLoveBeebies word.
Lots of love,
Isabelle x

p.s. why don't you apply too? Application for Beebies Baby Store Ambassador

Beebies Baby Store Website

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  1. Hahah some of those pics are so cute/funny!!! Xx


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