Monday 26 January 2015

Allergy weaning

As you probably already know Isabelle has multiple allergies; dairy, soya, wheat, egg, potatoe, peaches, broccoli and mango. So weaning her has been alot harder than her brother, Oliver and I'm sure there's others out there struggling too.

Although I'm writing this post now, doesn't mean I've stopped struggling, we are still introducing new things slowly to Isabelle and yes she is behind on weaning but I don't care, she's eating, she's gaining weight and shes healthy. I wanted to share our 'safe' foods so far, hopefully it will help someone else in a similar situation to us.

Isabelle's typical food day looks like this:

Breakfast - Organix porridge which is strawberry and banana flavour. She has hers mixed with expressed breastmilk because her formula, Neocate is disgusting and smells horrible.

Lunch - Carrot, sweet potatoe, chicken, parsnip mashed and gravy. Followed by some fruit either pureed myself or an ella's kitchen pouch.

Dinner - Carrot, chicken, parsnip, mashed with rice and gravy. Followed by some co-yo yoghurt then 'sweets' - kiddylicious fruit smoothie melts or fruit like a banana.

Snacks - rice cakes, smoothie melts, banana, carrot crisps, sweetcorn rings or fruit puffs. Toast and jam.

Some days she eats more than others, sometimes shes not interested at all and sometimes I make 'yucky' food.

Gravy I use for Isabelle is called 'Free & Easy' and the stock cubes are Vegetable low salt by 'Kallo'.
Dairy free safe snacks for babiesKiddylicious smoothie melts (12 months plus but Isabelle has 4 teeth and is fine with these - they melt) they are all fruit and she has the strawberry and banana flavour. She absolutely loves them and can't let her see a packet without expecting to give them all to her!

Kiddylicious also do some tasty fruit puffs, Isabelle's favourite again is the strawberry ones. These are a great little finger food for babies and seem to go down well with Isabelle.
Organix is a brand I really trust with Isabelle. Their packaging is clear which makes life so much easier when you're an allergy mum because shopping already takes at least twice as long as it used to! Isabelle loves the carrot sticks finger foods and the sweetcorn rings which actually taste like sweetcorn! Rice cakes by Organix are popular here too, apple, strawberry and banana flavours are all safe for dairy free babies. If your little one is just dairy free, their baby biscuits are safe too, very good finger foods and taste nice!

Dairy free safe fruit pots/pouches for babies
Ella's kitchen: Strawberry and Banana. Apple and Banana.
Hipp Organic: Apple and Strawberry with peices.
Cow and gate: Apple and pear.

Dairy free safe vegetable pouches/pots - ideal for first weaning Ella's kitchen: Carrot, Parsnip, Sweet potatoe. They have literally nothing else in.
Then there's Ella's kitchen, Carrots Apple and Parsnip.
Hipp Organic: Tender carrots.

A good alternative to yoghurt is Co-Yo coconut yoghurt. Isabelle absolutely loves it.

I cut her chicken up and boil it as it falls apart really easily and is very soft for her to eat.

Isabelle's bread is free from all of her allergies it's called Ener-g White Rice Flour Bread.

I know that making your own food from scratch is best but I also know that's not always possible, if you're out and you need to feed your baby quickly. It's also a good way to introduce your baby to foods that are bigger such as mango which loads would be wasted if your little one was having a tiny bit. Unfortunately Isabelle couldn't handle mango.

I'll make another post soon about other free from bits Isabelle has but I hope this post has helped some one else.

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