Sunday 25 January 2015

Isabelle's been keeping me busy

I haven't blogged in so long because I've basically been a bit like a zombie - one out of the walking dead *looks behind self.... as absolutely terrified of the walking dead and YES I am a wimp*. But this evening when I logged onto my blogger account the amount of views I've been getting is amazing so I desperately want to get back to blogging.

Why have I been silent? Well I'm blaming the baby... Isabelle's been keeping us awake, to the point Michael has even borrowed an air bed to get some sleep downstairs if necessary so that he can go to work a little bit less like a zombie but I've now gone egg free, Isabelle has started sleeping so much better! It's taken me 10 months to realise but turns out my baby reacts to egg through my breastmilk too! better late than never I guess.

Oliver is also being a big handful lately and sometimes we feel like all we ever do is tell him off which is really upsetting. He's still a lovely little man though just has a grumpy streak. Oh and I never got terrible twos with him but terrible fives exist right!?

Isabelle has started standing holding on, shes been crawling for a while now and she points at everything! Today at Grandparents house she took a few steps holding on to her baby walker, the little fisher price my fish pushchair one. Her first year is going so quickly.

We had a lovely first Christmas with Isabelle who got overwhelmed by it all, Oliver really enjoyed our Christmas time and they both got lots of lovely presents. It was my first Christmas day away from my Mum which was weird but we spent it with Michael's parents and Michael's Mum's Christmas dinner was lovely.

And if you haven't seen on my twitter or facebook pages... on Christmas Eve, Michael asked me to marry him. I giggled in his face before very quickly saying YES.


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  1. Hope you join the world of the living again soon, you've been doing so well with Isabelle's food intolerances it must be so hard. And I can't believe Oliver has been naughty, he's far too sweet to be grumpy! Xx


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