Monday 23 February 2015

Octonauts LIVE! We are the octonauts

Oliver is a massive octonauts fan, both myself and Michael also love octonauts. We think it's a fantastic programme that teaches little ones alot about not only sea life but manners and how to treat other people. I can't tell you how many times I've watched octonauts now... how many times we have played with octonauts toys in the bath and since going to octonauts live Oliver has drawn so many pictures of different gups, sea animals and octonauts themselves. We were very kindly sent 4 tickets to go and see octonauts live, Oliver was very excited, Michael even took the day off work! (he's self employed so no work = no pay, he doesnt get days off) Isabelle was classed as 'babe in arms' so we took one of Oliver's friends with us. We had a fantastic time and even Isabelle LOVED it. She was dancing!

 For the first time live, the Octonauts kept us glued to the story the entire time! Oliver wants to go back and see another one but trying to tell him theres only one. Octonauts and the deep sea volcano adventure with the entire crew of the octonauts, led by Captain Barnacles, Lieutenant Kwazii and Medic Peso they set off on a new exciting underwater mission full of surprises it's a great action-packed adventure. It features new music from bafta award winning composer Mani Svavarsson. It's great to see all of the Octonauts live on stage together for the very first time and I think it would be a shame to not see them again and again!  
 Children were invited to get involved with the show which was great, we were sat in the Gup-X... Oliver and his friend loved being asked to move around to steer the octopod, when the children were shouting Isabelle got very excited, being only 11 months old she was really shocked by it all. After the other children shouted she threw her hands around and shouted too - her shout was delayed though and by the time she was shouting, everyone else had finished.
 The show lasts around 90 minutes including the interval and we loved every single minute of it. At the end the children were delighted to be told that they were no longer cadets but now they are fully fledged Octonauts too.
 Oliver's never been to a show before, we definitely can't wait to take both of them again soon. Brilliant day out and even I'm walking around singing "we are the octonauts". The set was amazing, the props were great, Oliver was fooled by the people moving them around but his friend wasn't fooled - they're 5 years old so a younger child would have believed it and not seen faces. WE love that it teaches children about different creatures in the ocean, the different zones and which animals you can find in each one.
There's still lots of time to catch Octonauts live, you can buy tickets here -

please note that we were sent the tickets for the purpose of the review, all opinions are our own.

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