Friday 17 October 2014

Cosatto 3sixti highchair

You may have seen in a few photos on twitter Isabelle sitting in a rather lovely highchair, we both love it and now we've used it for a little while I'm going to tell you all about it. Being a second time mum, I obviously have experience of highchairs already and can compare this one to the one I used with Oliver, that little 'baby' of mine that is suddenly a 5 year old. wow. The highchair is the 3sixti by Cosatto which is a lovely company who sell various baby items which are different to your average boring plain colours, they're lively and fun. Oliver loves his robot car seat and we can't wait to get Isabelle a similar girly one. Oh and have you seen their ooba pram? I saw it in person for the first time at an event this week, Danni from It Started With A Squish had it and I don't think she noticed me admiring her pushchair but it looked great and I have a bit of pram envy going on right now. Her little girl looked very comfortable eating her breadstick in it! You should check out her review - Cosatto ooba
 Firstly I'll tell you about how easy it is to set up... Just so you know, I have never put something together successfully by myself before. Usually I get all excited that we've got something new, take things out of the box and give it a go... then get annoyed, give up and wait for Michael to come home and do it - at which point I've made him confused as I've tried to do some of it, mixing all the bits up. oops. So this time instead of just waiting for Michael to get home, what did I do?... That's right, I opened the box and guess what?! put it together myself! In only 15 minutes as well, how good is that? *pats self on head* then sings I don't need a man - until something else needs making or there's a spider to put outside, then Michael actually yes I do need you!! I can't take all the credit though because obviously Cosatto give you all the instructions you need, they make it very simple to follow and if I can do it - you can too!
And what do I do with this?
Is this what I do ?
I love the design we have, it's called 'Orange Sqaush' but I admit I took ages to decide which one to go for because there is so many lovely ones to choose from. I love that it isn't like a usual highchair with legs sticking out. At first I thought 'oh, no handy basket' well actually good because with Oliver's basket all I ever done was clean it out. Having a basket under a little ones highchair where they're going to drop food, you need to be prepared to clean it out all the time as little bits will get in there. Isabelle's go all over the floor and having no basket means it takes less time to clean up. Less time cleaning = happier me.

Isabelle likes to look at our fish tank, so she was delighted when I turned her chair around to see them then I can just turn it back around to face the table again, fantastic feature of the 3sixti. Oliver was delighted to learn that the seat can go around so if he moved to a different part of the room she could still watch him. We have a long room which is out living room and dining aread in one so this feature of 6 different positions is very handy for us. She likes to sit in the highchair with a few toys while I clean up, she hates the noise of my dyson. I admit I tried to hide from Oliver that the seat goes up and down easily but he questioned 'what does this do mummy?'.... Then I showed him and he says 'Weeeeeeee goes Isabelle up' ...' do you want to go back down now Isabelle?' *Isabelle chuckle* oh dear I think, we'll be here for some time now. We were.

The feature of the gas lift height positions is great as it will be able to have baby sitting up at the table, whatever table height you've got. Oliver is 5 years old and he cannot figure out that you need to push the seat unit down a little while pushing your foot on the button on the bass to make it work and go up or down so if you're worried that your older child will just keep moving them up and down - don't be. The tray is fantastic, there is 2 parts to it. With our one the top bit is orange to match the design and easily removes to be clean - oh it's been cleaned alot. The white bit of the tray has a cup section which at the moment Isabelle's cup doesn't fit in because of it's handles but when shes moved on to a bigger little girl cup then it will be perfect. There is also adjustable sections 1,2,3 for the tray to fit on meaning it will grow with your little person, allowing more space if required, the tray could also be moved to let your little one sit up at the table. Actually we haven't done this yet so I'll try that today and I'm sure she will love it.

Another thing I think is fantastic is the fact I can take all the padded cushion off and wipe it clean, it actually cleans nicely leaving no mucky bits of food. It's super simple to take off and put back on which Oliver's just wasn't and it became a nightmare to clean. Also fantastic if you're planning to have more babies as you can keep this clean and then store it away for next time. Oliver often fell asleep in his highchair so he would of loved the fact this one reclines with 3 different positions, suitable for babies from 6 months old. Which is when Isabelle started to use hers.
The last feature I must tell you about is the under base roller so you can move the highchair around to suit you, I take it into the kitchen so when I'm doing something Isabelle can sit there babbling away to me while eating a tasty Organix snack. I have tried to lift the highchair before and it is rather heavy but if you think about it the base needs to be heavy for safety reasons and if you move it about and get it in the right position the under base roller does move easily but you need to move it right.

So it's safe to say we absolutely love this highchair, it is stylish so looks good in our house and very importantly it's comfortable for Isabelle to sit in. The fact that I haven't walked into a leg and bent my little toe sideways is obviously a great plus! Gosh it hurts when that happens doesn't it?

This highchair retails for £165 which if you consider all of the features I feel is a good price, Oliver's cost about £100 back then so to have this one would of been much better value for money. Don't forget that with Cosatto you also get a free 4 year guarantee!

If you're looking for a highchair you can find out more about this lovely one by visiting Cosatto website 

I'd love to know what is your favourite Cosatto item?

Mary-Kate, x

We were sent the Cosatto 3Sixti for review but all of the opinions are our own. As a family we love this product.
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  1. That looks like a futuristic high chair! It's very fashionable and looks super comfy. Love the colour too. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky


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