Friday 17 October 2014

Clothies (burp cloths)

Isabelle is still breastfed but she's being topped up before bed with a bottle of prescription formula milk which is suitable for babies with cows milk protein allergy and she's been a very burpy baby so these burp cloths have come in very handy so far and I can see us using them for a long time to come. When she was suffering with the milk allergy and we didn't know, my goodness she had a lot of wind so these were fantastic to be able to hold infront of her or over our shoulder while winding her. (we spent alot of time winding her! That baby has done some massive burps for a little lady). It saved our clothes always having baby sick on. 
 As a mum herself, creator of Clothies, Sarah, has created an item that is both gorgeous and actually useful to new parents, something she wishes was around years ago. Have you ever experienced a burp cloth going wet really quickly? Making it actually pointless to even use it. Sarah had noticed the need for a burp cloth that could keep up with babies milk dribbles and therefore designed Clothies with their 100% cotton front and a fast drying micro fleece back they're ideal for windy babies and messy drinkers! (Isabelle's bottle of milk always runs down her neck, I don't think she's got the hang of the difference between breast and bottle).
We were sent a pack of 3 Clothies to review, in the Pink Zoo print which is white, grey and pink. One has animal prints on, another is plain pink and one is pink with white polka dots on it. Size wise they're generous at 18cm x 48cm.

Isabelle has very delicate skin so I love knowing that these are soft and gentle on her little face, she had terrible baby acne to begin with which was actually just due to the dairy allergy so we needed something that wasnt going to upset her skin. I like that you can machine wash these and I actually pop them into the tumble dryer with delicate items on a very low setting - I'm not sure if this is 'ok' but they've always been fine. I sometimes forget to take the washing out of the dryer when its finished... oops. So I have on occasion ironed the cotton side which is allowed but I've never ironed the fleece side as that isnt ok!  

These come packaged lovely and would make a fantastic gift for a new baby or a treat for your own baby because they're cute and why not? They fit nicely into a changing bag while some of my muslins just take up too much space and feel very wet after being used, I don't want that in my bag especially if you're out for the day, it makes much more sense to pop one of these fast drying burp cloths in your bag.

What we love the most about these? The bright designs, the softness and the way the wash up like new again and again. The only thing I'd suggest is maybe more versions that are unisex so either boy or girl could have them. I always like to say on reviews that it's an investment buy, hehe, if the item can be kept if you're planing to have another baby.

The price of these are £14.99 for a set of 3. They also do a Christmas range, so if you know a baby due just before they would make an ideal little gift. There's also free P&P - which I love! 

You can have a look at Clothies here :)

Mary-Kate, x 

please note that these burp cloths were sent to us for the purpose of this review but all of the views are our own.

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  1. These look so super handy! I was also a neonate baby due to silent reflux which I still have so I can understand how important these Clothies would be. The designs are great and not boring like most. Lovely review. It's been fab having a look round your blog - see you soon x Ax


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