Thursday 16 October 2014


I am really excited to tell you that I am going to blogfest this year thanks to the lovely people at Ardo for sponsoring me to attend!
You may or may not already know that Ardo is one of my favourite brands so far and without them I wouldn't still be breastfeeding. Isabelle's got a cows milk protein allergy and we struggled to begin with.
The first pump I had was tommee tippee one which we brought at the baby show without looking into pumps and although I use their bottles and steriliser which I like, I definitely don't recommend that you buy the electric breastpump by tommee tippee because it sounds awful, ever so loud and it hurt me! Like actually HURT. Isabelle hadn't hurt me so then to get sore nipple from a machine was so irritating, I also got hardly any milk out of my breasts using the tommee tippee and I thought that there was something wrong with my boobs! But actually it was the pump and not me. It wasn't working properly and the brand never actually got around to sending me the replacement bit!

Ardo saved the day

by sending me a Calypso double electric breastpump which completely changed my experience of expressing breastmilk and has helped so much - it doesn't have to hurt and the noise doesn't have to be so unbareable! I can actually express one breast while Isabelle is on the other and she doesn't even realise, honestly it is that silent.

If you're pregnant and looking into breastpumps or currently breastfeeding and in need of a new pump, take a look at Ardo! I hadn't heard of them before but trust me they're amazing.

So because Ardo have helped me so much with my breastfeeding I am delighted to be going to blogfest as their blogger on the ground and I will be telling everyone I talk to how much Ardo have helped me. I'll be posting again soon to tell you a bit more about Ardo and their products.

Are you going to Blogfest?

Mary-Kate, x

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