Tuesday 26 August 2014

Xeno - one for the christmas list!

We were invited to the press/blogger event at London Zoo to celebrate the launch of a new toy  by Flair called Xeno who has already featured in this years top 10 christmas present list including; Amazon, Hamleys and Tesco. We went with Michael's mum and had a great time meeting him! After we met him we got to go around the Zoo to see all the animals which was lovely. There's so much to see and we were there until they closed. We were really excited to find out more about Xeno, a cute interactive baby monster. (I think he's so ugly he's cute?)

Firstly I just need to say this bit - we watched a dvd about Xeno when we arrived at the event and the main thing that stood out to me was 'Xeno is a lovable baby monster who really interacts and plays with you! He lives within a magical world under kid's bedsand comesout at night-time to play via a secret trapdoor. Xeno is not just a cheeky baby monster but a friend for children to play with, care for and love.' = amazing idea for children who are scared of monsters being under their beds? ok ok confession time, I can remember many of times calling for my brother, James (who's 6 years older than me) to come and get me because I was just too scared after having a nightmare and I genuinely thought 'something' was under my bed and therefore I wouldn't put my feet down on the floor to go to my parents room without someone being there incase 'it' got me! I knew he would be awake... Sorry James! 
Ok blushing... so the idea of making the 'thing' under the bed, just a lovely cute 'baby monster' is a fantastic idea - if something has to be under the bed then make it something nice, cute and friendly? So well done whoever's idea that was... did you too suffer from monsters under the bed? Clever idea.
I was amazed at how clever this toy actually is, technology eh? Where have I been. At first it reminded me of my furby from when I was little but then I realised this is just on a completely different level, it's so much smarter and cooler and I loved my furby so sorry Mr Furby in the loft but this monster is cuter. He has lots of emotions (10+) including happy, sad, scared, hungry and unwell which are really shown through his eye expressions, of which he has 50! If you think that's a lot then what about the 80 tailor made sounds? 

We got the chance to learn all about Xeno's features, games (Xeno loves to play but like most toddlers he's very good at tantrums too- it's nice for the child to see them for once too!!) and also the free app that you can get which lets you play even more games so it continues the fun for no extra! It was so so cute how Xeno got scared when there was a monster on the app and also when you dry Xeno's ears on the app - the actual Xeno's ear stick up! I thought it was so clever how they were connected. He has features that will appeal to both boys and girls, he likes the dance to music and he's really tickly... Boys might like that he burps and farts too! The green snot actually is liked by children, not so much by parents though. 
If you have two Xeno's infront of each other, they will have a little chat! The games are various levels, there's some that my son, Oliver, who has just turned 5 years old would be able to understand but theres some that would take a while longer which is great as it would grow with the child. You can feed Xeno by putting your finger in his mouth - Oliver thought that was fab.

I love this bit... corr arent I soppy lately? 'As Xeno is only a baby, he needs  to be treated carefully and doesn't like to be pulled too much or prodded too hard! Treat him how you would like to be treated yourself' = fantastic thing to teach children, treat other's how you'd like to be treated. 

Xeno retails for £79.99 and is available in three colours; blue, orange and voilet.
Isabelle absolutely loved Xeno, although she's only 5 months old! Her arms were flapping about everywhere really excited - she wanted to eat it I think! But then her face lit up with a massive smile when she realised it moves. Oliver obviously thought it was fantastic, he's never seen such a smart toy and he keeps asking for one. He got a goody bag from the event which had a Xeno mug in it and I really hope he doesn't break it because he's rather attached to it already.

What do you think of Xeno?

Mary-Kate, x


  1. Sounds like an amazing toy!! They've certainly moved on since we were kids haven't they?! xx

    1. They really have, it's a very clever little thing. Oliver keeps asking for one now! xx

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