Wednesday 27 August 2014

Lets get weaning ?

We've been busy getting everything ready to start weaning our little lady Isabelle who's not 6 month's yet but she's so ready for some food, you can just tell and shes so jealous every time anyone eats anything. She has licked my food a few times and she reaches out and ends up with a hand covered in pesto or something so now we've seen the dietician due to her dairy intolerance we're ready to start weaning her! 

Not going to be doing Baby Led Weaning (blw), we decided it wasn't for us and we would rather do the whole puree thing. Isabelle's dietician agreed that blw wouldn't be the best for her either. We don't know if she's intolerant to anything else and we need to introduce one thing at a time for a few days.

We have got things ready and she's got her own section in our cupboard... 

Isabelle is starting with Neocate Spoon which is basically baby rice for milk allergy sufferers, it looks the same as normal baby rice Oliver had and actually it doesn't taste too bad (yes I've tasted it), I know it's important to remember that babies have different taste buds and what we think is yucky they may think is the bee's knee's! Also it takes a baby several times of having something before they like it, I remember Oliver spitting food at me nearly every time he had it for the first time. 

I'm going to be making 99% of Isabelle's food because then I know what's in it, it's better for her and more convinient for me as well as being cheaper in the long run! We discovered 'Fill n squeeze' at the baby show last October and we are so happy we brought it then, it means we are able to make our own pouches to take out with us, so home made food on the go :) I'm also lucky to have been sent 3 items from Oxo Tot to review, I'll tell you all about them soon. I've got the steamer out ready on the side and the blender is easy to get in and out. So a week of Neocate spoon and then things will get exciting! 

How to spot your little one is ready for weaning? Sometimes you my notice a few of the signs and other times you may just 'know' your little one is ready. Just a few of the signs include; baby makes chewing movements, curious about what you're eating and waking in the night where previously slept through. Health visitors recommend weaning from 6 months onwards but I weaned Oliver at 4 months because he was massive and really ready, Isabelle is still 5 months and unlike her older brother she isn't massive but she's also really ready. Oliver also slept through the night from 7 weeks old and Isabelle has only just started sleeping upto 10 hours at night. It's just important to remember that every baby is different and to start safely when your little one is ready, I'd advise to talk to your health visitor (or for me, as I don't know a health visitor I personally like, I see a nursery nurse instead).

What age did you wean your little one? & remember to check back to see how Isabelle gets on!

Mary-Kate, x


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