Friday 8 August 2014

Diono car mirror - such a brilliant idea!

I haven't been able to blog much recently so it's taken me ages to get around to telling you about this fantastic product. Sorry!!

The product I think is an amazing idea is a baby car mirror by Diono so you can still see your baby even though they are in their rear facing car seat! I love it, it makes me feel more comfortable knowing my little one is ok, it's most useful on long journeys so you can check baby without having to stop the car.

I'm reviewing this item with Bella Kidz, a fantastic new parenting website who aim to help all parents no matter what stage they're at. They also have a review section and luckily I am able to join in with that and review this mirror for Diono. 

The mirror itself is fairly big at 18cm meaning you can see alot of your little one not just a little. It's also great that you can turn it around 360 degrees meaning you are able to select the best position for it to be in for you to view baby properly. To fit into the car it attaches to the headrest and therefore can go on either side without affecting parents view of cars around as it's not blocking the rear mirror at all. The fact the mirror can be rotated means the driver can look in their mirror to see baby and not have to change their mirror at all. I also love that the mirror isn't directly over the infant and you can be sure it's not going to fall on top of them. The instructions included are very easy to follow. 
Isabelle also loves to look at herself in the mirror and I think sometimes it even stops her crying looking at herself.

I'm not sure what we'd do without this mirror now, it's become one of our favourite items and I would reccomend it to any parent or grandparent, whoever has a small child in a rear facing car seat to look after so that you can keep an eye on them without taking your attention away from the road. As a passenger, you can also use the mirror to see the baby as it's a large mirror - the biggest you can get for in car to view a baby I think (although having said that I haven't actually seen any others!) 
You can purchase this mirror from Amazon which currently it's on offer for £8.99 with free delivery if you have amazon prime! Usually the RRP of it is £12.99 and I genuinely feel it's well worth that price tag! 

Mary-Kate, x


  1. Really glad I saw this! I am definitely buying. Thanks for the review xx

  2. Amazing adjustable backseat mirror! This will really help me make my life easier. I won't need to turn my head at the backseat when I want to check my baby. I'm getting one like this! Thank you!

    Beverly Jefferson

  3. Awesome baby backseat mirror! Thanks for this. Got an idea on what to buy as a gift for my newly wed friends.


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