Monday 28 July 2014

Dairy free update of a chocoholic

Isabelle is dairy intolerant and I am determined to continue to breastfeed her, so to do so I have cut dairy out of my diet - all of it, that includes as Oliver would say 'mummy's favorite ice-cream' yeah... magnums are a no no for me until I've finished breastfeeding Isabelle. So because the dairy is gone out of my diet, people have said to me 'oh the weight will drop off you now with no dairy in your diet' so here in this blog post, not only am I going to confess to you why actually the weight isn't going to go as they think and share with you my favorite dairy free products so far. It's only been a few months so I'm still finding my feet but I do want to find all the nice stuff so that I can help other parents and as well as knowing what Isabelle can have if she happens to remain dairy intolerant, at least then I'm a little bit prepared for what she can and cant eat as she grows up. 

You can read my original post about going dairy free - here! Just remember to come back to this new one hehe. 

So far I've tried lots of tasty treats and then I've been shocked about the amount of calories in them! Tesco free from muffins - absolutely delicious and so so chocolatey, actually they're my top chocolatey product so far but at over 300 calories each muffin I'm thinking a little less sicky chocolate will do. I never watch calories but I do like eating alot and I don't want to get massive! (my butcher knows not to give me a small steak, I want a big one even though I'm a girl).

Nakd bars however are 1 of your 5 a day, ok I'll be honest most of them I don't like and as Oliver would say are yucky! They took some time to grow on me but now I love them. My favourite flavour is cocoa delight, actually I like to always have one in my bag, just in case! To me I now treat it as a chocolate bar however in it is just cocoa, cashew nuts, dates and raisins - thats all!!

I am also such a bourbon biscuit fan that I have a cup with one on so imagine my delight when I realised that Tesco bourbons are infact dairy free?! Yes. So I've had alot of them. That's kept me going a bit. The tesco shopping come today and Michael if you read this then you'll notice I didn't buy any, fear not though I will next week - I'm having a bourbon free week due to the fact I have gone through 4 packets in two weeks... I know!!! I know... but hey personal growth not buying more today, yes??

My latest discovery is Mr Prempys! oh my goodness delicious, dairy free and all good for you cakes. Ok ok rewind, so on Sunday we went to meet some friends at Alexandra Palace or 'Ally Pally!' and they had a lovely farmers market there which we thought was fantastic, we discovered lots of new things and even some that I could have. Mr Prempy's make and sell raw organic cakes, that are gluten, dairy free, refined sugar free, wheat free and soya free. Nothing is baked, everything is premped and I was really impressed when I tucked into 'Mothercake' last night. It actually tasted like a chocolate cake but at the same time knowing it was good for me and completely dairy free meaning I'm not going to upset Isabelle's tummy by eating it. The texture is like a cheesecake and the bottom bit reminds me of a nakd bar which I knew already that I liked.

If you're dairy free and know of any tasty treats that are dairy free I'd love to know about them... Sweet tooth !

Mary-Kate, x

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