Thursday 19 June 2014

'I can't hear you'

Recently I have noticed Oliver doesnt always respond when he is spoken to and he often says "I can't hear you", I feel terrible now for telling him off for not listening because this week we found out actually he couldn't hear us out of one ear!

On Tuesday he came out of school and said to me that his friend had said "There's snot coming of out my ear"... So obviously, I replied with "Don't be silly" but then I looked and it definitely did look like it was 'snot'!! So I panicked and called the doctor straight away to get an emergency appointment because it looked like this... 

And it turns out he has glue ear! The doctor said he can't see Oliver's left ear drum at all, it's completely covered... no wondered he couldn't hear what we were saying to him! So he's been put on antibiotics and if it doesnt clear up he might have to have grummets.


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  1. Awww poor Oliver. Hope the antibiotics clear it up xx


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