Friday 20 June 2014

Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt 2014 !

So what is Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt all about? Well the idea of it is to raise awareness of breastfeeding while having fun during the National breastfeeding awareness week. I've read that alot of women do not reach their breastfeeding goals and I know because last time I was one of them, stopped alot earlier than I wanted to. During this scavenger hunt, we hope that we provide you with information about breastfeeding, our real life stories and tips to help you achieve your breastfeeding goal, whatever that may be - 6 weeks or 6 months! *I said 6 weeks because actually that was what I said with Isabelle, if I get to 6 weeks and I'm still breastfeeding her I will be happy... well she's 13 weeks now and I'm still breastfeeding her even though shes dairy intolerant!

Each day the bloggers involved are posting articles based on these themes;

Friday June 20th - The Benefits of Breastfeeding
Saturday June 21st - Top Breastfeeding Tips
Sunday June 22nd - The Importance of Breastfeeding Support
Monday June 23rd - Positive Nursing In Public Experiences & Funny Breastfeeding Memories
Tuesday June 24th - Breastmilk Pumping
Wednesday June 25th - Breastfeeding Beyond a Year
Thursday June 26th - Exposing Breastfeeding Myths

I am going to be writing as much as I can but obviously as a fairly new breastfeeding mother I'm not as well equipped with knowledge as some of the others will be.

The fun bit ? (other than learning, of course!) Well you have the chance to win some fantastic prizes as well as the 'grand prize' which has lots of breastfeeding goodies. You can find the rules on how to enter Here! 

Make sure you check back to see my posts!

Mary-Kate, xx 

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