Friday 6 June 2014

Babes With Babies #review

When I was pregnant I received another beautifully wrapped parcel from Babes With Babies
who offer a gorgeous range of items for pregnant and new mothers, not forgetting things for babies too! They sell lovely new baby gifts and gifts for mums to be such as this Cuddles and Cupcakes gift set.

Babes With Babies London was founded because they feel every mother deserves some luxury in their life. It's hard being an expecting or new mum, morning sickness, incredibly tired, the sore feet and then the labour! Recovering, feeling a little low with baby blues - it happens to us all so we all need gorgeous items to help pick us up, dust us off and tackle those sleepless nights! Thats were Babes With Babies come in. 

When the parcel arrived it was beautiful gift wrapped. I love getting items from Babes With Babies  due to the face they're always so special. It looked too good to open but I couldn't wait to see what was inside! 
Inside I found a lovely black maternity and breastfeeding dress called 'stella' (which today I have noticed is on offer for a little while with 20% off so if you like it, get it now!)
The stella dress is a great item to include in your wardrobe not only because its pretty but because since having Isabelle I've still been wearing it without it looking like a 'maternity dress'. It's one of the most comfortable items I own since having a c-section I don't really like anything tight on my tummy so this dress was a life saving in those early days. The fact that it offers discreet feeding is another plus for me as I am still fairly shy about breastfeeding in public.
Excuse the socks but this is a photo of me over 9 months pregnant (I went 11 days over), wearing the stella dress. I was massive and that's why I'm so amazed it fit me then without ruining it for now. I also love that you feel confident in this dress that it won't show your bottom when you bend down! Its not too short but not too long. (obviously it looks short with my massive bump taking up alot of the material but it has, hmm how can I say, like elastic bit? around the bubble hem which means it feels secure).

I love this dress so much that I decided to wear it for our first family photographs together. It made me feel more confident as my 'mum tum' was not on show and I felt comfortable. You're going to be happier if you're comfortable. 

 I didn't want to review this dress without actually wearing it for a while and putting it to the wash test! I wash this dress in the machine but I don't put it in the tumble dryer. I like to avoid things that need hand washing as what new mother actually has time to do that? That's not practical but this dress is great, wash it and hang it up somewhere to dry. I do leave it to dry for a while before I want to wear it just so I know its completely dry. Usually the dress cost £85 but for now they have a 20% off flash sale, I'm not sure how long this will last so if you're interested act quickly because that makes it £68.

My advice to you, if you're pregnant and going to breastfeed - buy items like this that can be used for both. I didn't originally and I regret that!

You can follow Babes With Babies on twitter - @BabesWithBabies 
or find them on facebook at
and make sure you have a look on their website,
Mary-Kate, x 
please note that this dress was sent to me for the purpose of this review but I only suggest items I genuinely like. I think this dress is lovely and the brand itself is fantastic.


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