Monday 19 May 2014

My blog is a little quiet lately.... zzzzzz

Lately my blog is a litle quiet due to one little girl called Isabelle, who just doesnt want to sleep leaving me unable to blog, shes currently been asleep for 2 minutes and I know she will wake up any second.

I think that Isabelle feels that at 9 weeks old (9 weeks today! how quickly did that go?) she doesnt need sleep during the day and it's a time to be extra nosey. Anyone have any tips on getting Isabelle to sleep during the day? Oliver was the opposite and slept all the time! But this little lady is the lightest sleeper ever. If shes asleep and a car goes past she wakes up, if Oliver is shouting - as at 4 years old he just shouts instead of talking at a normal volume, she wakes up. Oliver likes to keep her awake as shes "Oliver's best girl". 

Any tips VERY welcome.

Mary-Kate, x


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