Monday 19 May 2014

Cake Lingerie - nursing #review

After hunting the highstreet for maternity bras that were nice, I knew that finding nursing bras that I felt were comfortable and stylish was going to be very hard but I have been lucky enough to find some fantastic brands that I'm going to share with you. I am keen to continue breastfeeding for as long as I want to so I dont want to have to wear horrible nursing bras for 6 months or a year! I still want to feel pretty and girly and Cake Lingerie does just that...
Cake Lingerie founded in 2008 by Tracey - a mum herself who decided to create the brand Cake Lingerie due to being unable to find breastfeeding/nursing products that basically made women feel good at a time they really need to. Tracey says - "I created Cake Lingerie to empower pregnant and breastfeeding women! To make women look and feel great during this extraordinary period in our lives."
 You can read more about Cake Lingerie and Tracey by clicking here.

Cake Lingerie offer a lovely range of maternity/breastfeeding bras with matching briefs as well as sleepwear. I was lucky enough to be sent a breastfeeding bra and matching briefs to review and I love it! When it first arrived I thought, hmm I wouldn't usually go for this. Usually I go for bras that are a little padded but I must admit this one has won me over to completely non padded especially with feeding as this folds down alot easier to make breastfeeding Isabelle much easier when out in public, not struggling to get a bra out of the way. 

I was sent the Creme Brulee Bra and Creme Brulee Brief to review.
I really love this bra, usually I'd stick to boring plain bras but the print on this is lovely and the material is super soft. I love that its got beautiful details on it and balcony styled nursing bras work really well. It's non-wired and stretchy in cup to allow for growth, I do notice that other bras feel tight at certain times (I guess when I've got lots of milk!) but this one doesn't. It does say to hand wash cold... but I'm a new mum with a 4 year old and a Michael? So No, I've not time to hand wash things but my machine says handwash! Yay and it works perfectly with this bra. So don't let the 'hand wash recommended' put you off. This bra would of been ideal when I was pregnant too due to having 6 hook and eye extension which would of allowed for growing tummy! They come in 32B-38H, sometimes I'm put off buying underwear online as I'm worried about the sizings being different but I'm wearing the 36E which is my size in others shops so it does come up the same as mothercare for example (only place to get fitted around here). The bra retails for £38. 

The matching briefs are also really comfy, they're soft and stretchy for comfort and would also be ideal sat underneath a bump. Again, cold hand wash recommended but if you have a washing machine with a hand wash setting like mine then it might be ok too. But if you've got the time obviously hand wash as they say! I wish I did... but to be honest I'd probably paint my toenails instead or sit down for 2 minutes.. The briefs retail for £18. You can have a look at them - here.
Also in the 'Creme Brulee' print is some night wear which is lovely as well as having lots of other styles including wired (I didn't realise but as long as you're wearing the correct fitting bra it doesnt matter if it's wired! Just make sure it fits correctly.)
The packaging is also lovely, I always judge things on the way they arrived!

So if you're looking for maternity and / or nursing lingerie that you just won't find on the high street - trust me, I've spent months looking! Then make sure you check out Cake Lingerie

Mary-Kate, x

please note that this set was sent to me for the purpose of this review but all of the opinions are my own.

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