Wednesday 21 May 2014

Cute baby clothes on the high street?

I assumed having a girl I'd always be buying pretty dresses and cute little shoes everywhere I went but actually that's not been the case! Not because I'm wiser with the second and realise they don't need tons of clothing... but actually because since having Isabelle I haven't been able to find anywhere on the high street apart from Next that has cute girls clothes that are reasonable in price so I couldn't help doing a quick post about my fav items from Next.

I have always been a fan of next childrens clothing since having Oliver, he is 4 and a half now and still wears mostly next because they wash well, they last, they look good and they're good value for money! (I especially love the Next sale ... although now I have two little people, I definitely won't be attending at silly o'clock like I used to but 50% off is great!) oh and actually one more reason to add, my next directory account! The last minute panic he doesnt have a certain item for example hat - that's fine, order online and get the next day as standard... can't tell you how many times I've done that!

So my favourite items... 


This lovely little strawberry print pink dress is so cute and it's only £5.50! Ideal if you've already got some tights to go underneath. I love Isabelle being comfortable and little soft dresses and tights are ideal for her. It comes in sizes up to 18 months and you can find it here

Frilly socks! Took me a while to get these for Isabelle (well 9 weeks!) and I love them, wish I brought them sooner. They look adorable on her! It's £5 for a 3 pack and you can find them here

Every little girl needs some tights and these are great, pale pink and cream making it possible to wear with lots of different coloured dressses. They have little hearts all over them so they're extra cute! They cost £7 for the 2 pack and you can find them here

I love this print, flowery stuff aways gets my approval and the green with the pink looks lovely on. Isabelle sometimes wears the tunic with tights instead of the leggins it comes with. It costs £10.50 which I think its really good value for a little outfit, you can find it here

I fell in love with this little dress/tights outfit when I saw it. It costs £13 and it's one of her most worn outfits to date! You can find it here

Another very cute outfit Isabelle now owns but she hasnt worn it yet. It costs £14 and you can find it here

Tunic and legging set, one of Isabelle's new ones and she looks very cute in it! I'm going to hate when she outgrows all of these arent I? It costs £14 and you can find it here


A cute little basic cardigan and it costs only £4! comes in a range of colours that you can find here

And finally a selection of lovely sleepsuits 


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